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Kenji wasn’t remembered or his killing condemned or his photo plastered in every British neespaper or his mother or wife shown crying .. As the Jordanian pilot was.

Let’s break it down to see why.

Both were horrible crimes and ISIS are exactly like the Assad regime, their tactics are identical and horrifying.

But the Jordanian pilot was in a plane involved in bombing Syria, not only ISIS. He was also bombing the North of Syria that led to 52 civilians: children, women and men being burnt under rubble.

Japanese Kenji on the other hand met many of my friends, he was a humanitarian and caring journalist. He taught them how to survive, he helped them expose Assad crimes and he worked with the children to make them happy in the war.

ISIS killed both.

The one who was in Syria helping civilians was rejected and ignored despite the video…

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Syrian Micro-Local-Organisms to Reach To

حكمك باطل

Syrian Civil Group called Kesh Malek (Check Mate) designed this poster to protest the criminal actions of extremist group Jabhat al-Nusrah after they executed a woman they accused of committing “adultery”!

A dear friend of mine living in Damascus countryside, started a project to produce biogas to compensate the shortage in fuel in the area. The environment friendly project works by recycling garbage and manure to produce the biogas that is now able to provide the residents in the area with water 3 hours every day.

This project is one local effort among many in the war torn Syria to make Syrians’ lives a more durable. This week I met Dr. Burhan Galioun, a French Syrian Professor of Sociology at the University of Sorbonne, and the former president of Syrian National Council. Dr. Galioun told me something I already realized, which is that the large amount of donation money spent as bureaucracy expenses. Helping local communities and groups is much better for immediate and effective relief, mainly in areas like development and training. Here is a list of Syrian Civil Relief Groups helping Syrians inside Syria and refugees in neighboring countries. These organizations work on the micro level. I prefer to call them Micro-Local-Organisms. Here are a few of these organisms/organizations:

1- Molham Volunteering Team: I came across this group via Twitter calling its followers for a monthly support to an old Syrian woman living alone in Lebanon. This is a small group work to provide aid for refugees in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon. They also carry out campaigns to help Syrians inside Syria. The team tries to secure house rents and food, connect people in need with supporters, pay medical bills and secure medication, provide children with school needs.

E-mail: molham.team@gmail.com.

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/molhamteam/timeline

2- The National Syrian Project for Prosthetic Limbs: Established in 2012 and based in Turkey near the Syrian-Turkish borders, this organization has its own workshop to build prosthetic limbs for Syrians who lost their legs and sell them with affordable prices to Syrians. This group provides social therapy and rehabilitation. In their own words, “The project is the result of a vigorous effort and cooperation between a group of Syrian doctors, some independent and some belong to prestigious medical bodies.”

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/NSPPL/info?tab=page_info

E-mail: mailto:arthostaff@hotmail.com

Website: http://www.nsppl.net

3- Syrian Eyes: They mainly work in Lebanon to provide aid for Syrian refugees, it is a non-profit initiative started by a group of volunteers and they do not belong to any party. One of their initiatives is distributing wood for heating to refugees. They aim to improve the living conditions of the camps as much as possible.

E-mail: syrian.eyes6@gmail.com

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/Syrian.eyes.sy/timeline

4- Najda Now International: This non-profit organization is based in Germany. It provides treatment for the injured and wounded who are denied medical care, design aid programs for children and mothers, develop curricula for schools in cooperation with international educational institution and supporting the culture of reconciliation and cooperation.

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/NAJDA.NOW/timeline

Website: http://www.najda-now.net

5- Bokra Ahla Team (A Better Tomorrow): They are simply a group of youths trying to help Syrian refugees in Zaatari camp in Jordan. During the last snowstorm in Middle East, they started a campaign called: Your Warmth is ours; the campaign aims to gather blankets and means for heat to Refugees living in tents. They also started The Snow Challenge campaign where the youths buried themselves in snow to spread awareness of the suffering of refugees in this merciless winter.

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/bbokraa7la.team?hc_location=timeline

Phone No. 00962786378946

6- For Syria: A non-governmental organization works in providing relief, development and aid to Syrian refugees in Turkey and Syrian displaced north Syria. They also work in helping families to start their own projects to support themselves and start training courses for youths.

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/ForSyriaorg

Phone No. 00971-556336308

7- Basmeh And Zaitooneh: One of my favorite groups. This is a non-profit initiative started by Syrians based in Lebanon with their Lebanese friends. Their goal is ‘to assess the needs and to fill in the gaps of humanitarian assistance. After the initial assessment phase, efforts have been concentrated in areas where the needs appeared to be most urgent.” Part of their wonderful work is creating a sewing workshop where Syrian women can make and sell their handmade products online and during organized showcases.

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/basmehzeitooneh/timeline

9- Bihar Relief Organization: A non-profit organization works to provide aid to refugees in Syria mainly Kurdish populated areas. One of their main goals is working for peacebuilding. One of their latest activities with UNICEF is distributing hygiene kit baskets in the city of Aleppo north Syria.

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/%D8%AC%D9%85%D8%B9%D9%8A%D8%A9-%D8%A8%D9%87%D8%A7%D8%B1-%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%A5%D8%BA%D8%A7%D8%AB%D9%8A%D8%A9/505704679474386?sk=timeline

This list will be updated whenever I search more micro-local-organism.

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A Short Story: Tourism in Syria


A drawing by Syrian Cartoonist Ali Farzat: “Tourist Rental”

Summer is here finally, Camila and her husband John already made up their minds on where to go next. It was the new hot destination for journeys: Syria. All of their friends already went there and talked about all fun and sunny things they did. Everyone was talking how this place became civilized and progressed, all because of the works of this blue eyes president and his classy extravagant wife.

The moment their airplane landed in Damascus airport, the couple were surrounded with smiling faces and welcoming sentences uttered in a broken English accent. Their passports stamped fast and they peacefully walked to pick up their luggage, the baggage handler unloaded their luggage, they thanked him and gave him a tip. When they got out from the airport building they approached a kiosk to ask how they can reach old Damascus, from what their friends told them, they will find many intimate, authentic and cheap hotels. No need for reservations, just take a map and go to their desired place, this place is the next new adventurous tourist attraction. They decided to take one of the airport taxis, the employee in the kiosk told them that public transportation was banned from taking orders to the airport, instead, a private business is providing the trips for security reasons and to organize the movement. The private business company was owned by the president’s cousin.

Meanwhile, 50 year-old worn out Abu Ahmed was waiting under the scorching sun in his small town square in Damascus countryside. He is a construction worker, and there are hundreds like him across Syria – and increasing – sit everyday in known places waiting for the small Suzuki to come and pick some of them up to their next construction site. It has been a month since his last job, his age and skinny body rarely qualifies him to be picked up by workshops managers, but whatever he makes no matter how trivial can help in one of his days. Several Suzukis came and went, sunset approached and the men that were unlucky to be chosen today decided to go back home. Abu Ahmed took the main public transportation – a small white vans called micros- to his house made of mud and bricks about 15 minutes dusty walk from the last micro station. He used to own a small nice house in Kafr Souseh area, before it became desirable by real estate comapny and kicked many people, including him, out of their homes to improve the landscape of the city, they erected fancy buildings and houses in the place were his house was and sold them in prohibited high prices. The real estate company is owned by the president’s cousin.

When Camila and her husband John, arrived to old Damascus, they smelled Jasmine and wowed by the history crawling under and between the walls. Many people lived, died and passed through this place. The taxi driver dropped them before a hotel called The Arbor Yard. The moment they entered, smiles lightened up their way in, the lobby was a yard shadowed by vine leaves and centered by a small fountain surrounded by red and white roses. Arabesque furniture was everywhere, the place looked like Ali Baba’s castle. The hotel which is owned by the president’s cousin, had vacant rooms and the prices was unbelievably low compared to hotel prices of other third world countries they visited before. The room was exquisite, everything was designed like a typical damascene house, heavy bed made of shiny brass, a tiny balcony oversees the hotel’s lobby only two people can sit there in the morning sun for some healthy breakfast and a cup of Turkish coffee. What Camila loved the most were the electric oriental lamps on both sides of the bed, she decided to buy one for her house from the old Al-Hamidiyah Souq.

It was Wednesday, and Amina, the mother of five is ready to go to the Wednesday flee market in her slum area. All used and cheap things are sold for the low-income workers and the poor. After her first 4 children went to their local school, she took her youngest to shop from the flea market. When they passed one of wooden carts selling plastic toys, her child started nagging for one, she was persuaded by the nagging and her guilt to take one toy as the last toy they bought him was one year ago, and these Chinese toys are much cheaper than the local cheap ones. The owner of the Chinese plastic toys cart used to own a small workshop for making toys, he was put out of business since the president’s cousin started an import company and opened the entire small country for massive Chinese trade. Amina bought the cheapest toy in the pile to hush her child, she thought that it will be damaged after two weeks anyway so why does she want to spend money lavishly! As she was walking away from the cart, a hassle started, some sellers left their goods and started running, others carried whatever they can and fled with it. The police was here and their moody raid this time took over all toys in the place, it was the captain’s son birthday. One of the police cars hit Amina and her son, and drove away as if the mother and the child were just thin air.

Camila and her husband John, spent the night in a bar called Ornina, also owned by the president’s cousin. They did not expect that the country was open minded like that, people from different religions and backgrounds gathered for a dance and a drink. The place looked like a cave, a space carved inside stone. They listened to eastern music under the dim lights and heard giggles and laughs getting louder by the power of booze. They too laughed and danced, made a couple of new friendships who told them that they will take them to see an eternal view, and will drive them back to their hotel. The couple said they will go with them, so at 3am they left the bar and headed to Mount Qasioun. They reached an area where many cafeterias lined up and some cars with lovers inside them making out. The city of Damascus was laying before them like a seductive woman inviting them to explore her treasures. The city lights scattered to the horizon seemed like they were imitating the lights of heaven. They went inside one of the cafeterias and ordered chocolate fruit salad. Up there, time seemed static, till the sunrise owned time. Their new friends advised them to visit Palmyra ruins, they will enjoy a Safari trip there.

At that night, Nour was waiting for a costumer in one of the cheap notorious hotels in Marjeh Square, an ironic place that hold the reputation of martyrs square and a prostitution hub. She escaped her house after her father planned to kill after when he discovered that she is seeing someone. Like many, in the small town where Nour grew up, openness and development did not reach their community that is proud with its same old patriarchal authority, the authority the is ruling the entire place. She had no path to flee through but this, nothing to do but this. She was owned all of her life. She always thought of what will happen to her when she withers and she becomes a dispensable asset for her current owners. Death is always an option. At her final though she was ordered.

Camila and her husband John took the next Safari trip with a tourism company – also owned by the president’s cousin – to Palmyra. They stayed in a desert hotel not far from Palmyra’s notorious prison. The couple will spend two days in this place, the first day they went to see the ancient ruins of hundreds of years old city as the tourist guide told lovely stories about the history of this place, they took many pictures and rode camels. During the second day, they fooled around in a Bedouin tent, drawing henna on their arms, eating sensuous food, watching belly dancers, smoking sheesha and making more friends with other tourists. The sun and air were oozing freedom and delight. They promised that they will come back again.

Raji spent many years in Palmyra prison that he cannot remember how many. He rarely saw sunlight in the underground chambers of that dungeon, and hardly breathed air. He was tortured with a hot rod carving shapes on his arms, his skin was shook many times with thick stick hitting his belly and back, he was electrified and only ate rot food. They took pictures of him naked and vulnerable. Raji was accused of terrorism after he called for a democratic elections in his country and cursed the president. One of his friends filed a report about him, and since that time he was incarcerated for an aeon, no dawn to reclaim time.

Like all joyful hours, they pass quicker than a finger snap. Camila and her husband were in Damascus airport for their trip back home, they went through the Free Zone, also owned by the president’s cousin, to buy some sweets and gifts for friends and family. Smiling and loving, officers and employees were so nice. On the other part of the airport, Hummingbird was in line for her flight. Free Zone prices was above the reach of average Syrians. It was her turn for inspection, the officer treated her roughly, searched her stuff and emptied half of her bag, then told her to buzz off. Hummingbird never knew how this place is still standing still despite all its madness, and she vowed that she will never come back.


In December 2014, Camila was strolling her baby in her neighborhood garden in Dubai. She sees her neighbor Hummingbird coming her way. Usually they say hi to each other, but never exchanged a long conversation. Hummingbird said hi as usual, Camila started a sudden chit-chat: How are you today, you know I never asked you where you are from?

Hummingbird: Syria.

Camila: Oh really! Oh I am so sorry for what is happening there, things were so peaceful and nice. You know, I was with my husband few years ago before all this war, and we had a wonderful time. I miss that place. Oh I am really sorry. Those damn saboteurs ruined it for everyone.

Hummingbird: damn.

Hummingbird did not know if her neighbor was sorry for her sorrow or for the lost of a great tourist attraction.

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An Absurd Letter to My Sister


I hate it when life leaks between your fingers. The stream of life pushes everything you know away from you, the stream never stops, but it is unfair that you were the one to stop. Time works in strange ways, your time is frozen, mine is interrupted, but never parallel nor meet, and I hate that too.

You always took care of me, as an infant I was in your custody as our parents were almost never home. You were a child too, but this image of you hanging me on your waist and heading to our friend’s house in the neighborhood is persisting in my memory. Your first experiences in cooking started by making me taste your creations, I was a child with a huge appetite, I ate everything and this might encouraged you to carry on with your culinary efforts regardless the results.

You always tried to find yourself. In the past years you thought you did, but it led you to a damp cruel place. I really hoped that you do find you, I wanted you to find peace within, I prayed that you might collect your remains and create something exquisite, but in that country we were doomed to not reach our ends, like mice we ran inside the wheel for eternity. The salvation for me was to leave elsewhere, you were still shaken and distracted, and you somehow felt that in that unpredicted place the odds might stand beside you, in that place the odds are full of hate and grudge, they hate breathing and change.

We all were perplexed and heartbroken when you refused to be prepared for the worse. The worse happened and you are not alone in it, we are all in it, still perplexed and heartbroken. One thing we know for sure, you are the brave one.

I miss you dearly, and I am still waiting for the day when you take off your cloths, free your hair tangled in the tree boughs in the middle of the roaring river of your life, then let the current carries you naked to a new pond, a calm and a clear one.

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Khaled Hosseini Meets Inspiring Young Syrian Refugees

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Leeches Of The Syrian Revolution


About the Syrian uprising, I always said: The Revolution revealed many nobel angels but more dirty opportunists.

What the Syrian situation revealed was the depths of humans’ nature. When the uprising started, I took a side, and I believe in taking sides which is something I learnt during the course of events of the Syrian uprising. Plus, it is in my nature to take the stand of the weak and oppressed. I am a victim of authority myself and will never support it after I self freed me, it is my duty to show the way for those willing to self free themselves.

Some took the side of the oppressor, and this stand I can also fathom. But the pathetic ones are those who claimed that they support the people’s aspirations (in particular those working in media) so they can gain fame and money. The opportunists who traded with people tragedies and wounds, those who held a rotten heart to climb up the stinking ladder. I met many, and they don’t even have the decency to hide their ugly faces before my awaken sensibility. Just few days ago, one opportunist who used to claim of being part of the revolution to gain popularity and please others, was telling me that it is over and we should shut up and go back to your homes, and we are not worthy of freedom! Those words were said just like that, cold blooded, from a suspected person who saw the ordeal of Syrians as an entertainment material for personal progress, and the goal was achieved. This came from a person wearing a brand and have reached a high position with untalented means, only by riding the back of Syria’s agony, sucking the spelled blood of the people. I raised my eyebrow and walked away because I was this close to scream. They gave us a bad image and hijacked the representation of the people just to find a better opportunity.

Yes, these people are many, and sometimes I feel their numbers might be far more than those who are sincerely working to make things a little bit better. Maybe their evil voices are louder.

So many leeches feasting on the Syrian body at a time many lost everything to find a way to change.

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Photo of a Day: A Syrian Child


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Syria’s Heroes and Hope: The White Helmets

White helmets

As I was preparing to write this blog, I watched this video and chocked up when the member of the White Helmets said that shelling does not stop, at the same time I was hearing birds singing outside in one lovely sunny day. This is unfair.

To start with my blog on White Helmets, they are a group of young Syrian men from all walks of life formed a civil defense unit in one of the most dangerous places on earth: Aleppo. They risk their lives to save others, and they need support and aid. I need to support them because I see Syria in the future full of these heroes, they keep me away from despair.

This is what a hero looks like.

If you can help even by sending a tweet to support the miraculous efforts of these white angels.


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هل داعش لا يمثلنا فعلا؟

انتشرت مؤخرا حملات مختلفة للتبرؤ من داعش داخل وخارج البلدان العربية والإسلامية تحت شعار: داعش لا يمثلنا. لكن أصحاب الحملات هذه يتجاهلون حقيقة أن داعش يمثل المجتمع. فالتنظيم يستند في تفاسيره على التفاعلات اليوميه والمفاهيم التي يستندون عليها. داعش نتيجة حتمية للانحطاط التي تمر به المجتمعات العربية وتضارب القيم لديها، هذا عدا اختلال الوعي. فما هو الفرق في نظرة داعش للمرأة عن نظرة المجتمع الذي يسوغ التحرش بسبب ما ترتديه؟ وما هو الفرق بين داعش في مسألة الآخر الأدنى ونظرة الكثير ممن ينتمون لهذه المجتمعات بأفضليتهم على العجم والأمم؟ إن هذا المقال ليس تحليل، لكنه تساؤلات إنسانة تعيش في هذه البيئة وتشهد على ممارسات أفرادها وجماعاتها.

عقلية الاتجاه الواحد

نادرا ماتقرأ أو تسمع قبول أحدهم لآراء الآخرين، أو حتى استعداد للإنصات للحجج المختلفة ومحاولة معالجتها أو التفكر بشأنها. فكل ما هو مختلف وخارج عن السياق الرسمي مرفوض، إن كان فكرة أو مشروع أو حجة أو جماعة أو موقف. وتظهر هذه المواقف المتحجرة واضحة من خلال شبكات الاعلام والتواصل الاجتماعي، التي عوضا من أن تخلق حوارات بناءة وطروحات مختلفة وتعميم سياسة الأخذ والرد، انعكست بنية المجتمع  عليها. إن التحجر في الموقف ليس فكرا داعشيا فقط، بل نراه يحدث كل يوم. هناك من يرفع صوته خلال المناقشة، ومعظم من يتحاور يأخذون الموضوع بشكل شخصي وكأن الفكرة الخاطئة تسيء إلى كرامتهم نفسها، وهذا غير صحيح، بل إن تصحيح الفكرة الخاطئة هو مايرفع من شأن ووعي من يتقبل المعلومات الصحيحة وينبذ أفكاره وتصوراته المغلوطة.

وهناك ظاهرة تحاشي الجواب ومواجهة السؤال بسؤال آخر أو اتهام لا يمت بصلة للموضوع قيد النقاش من أجل تتفيه موضوع النقاش. وهي إحدى الحركات التي علمتنا إياها الديكتاتوريات لادارة دفة الحديث بعيدا عن الموضوع المهم وتحويله لموضوع لاعلاقة له بالفكره الجوهرية، على سبيل المثال تعمد مس الشؤون الخاصة للسائل أو المحاور، مثلا مواجهة اقرار قانون يشرع التظاهر بالحديث عن سفور ابنة طارح القانون.

السلطات الأبوية المختلفة في المجتمع هي التي تُنشئ مثل هذا الفكر المصمت المتحجر. وهو لا يختلف حقيقة عن الفكر الداعشي الذي ينبذ كل نقاش لا يخدمه، مهما كان ذا صلة بشؤون الحياة اليومية.

التبعيه القبلية

يوجد الاستغلال في كل مكان في العالم ويتعاظم مع ازدياد ديكتاتورية العولمة كل يوم، ولكن هناك فرق بين شعب متراحم يدافع بعض أفراده عن بعضهم الآخر، وشعب يحاول بعضه قتل الآخرين غالبا من أجل شخص مثلهم لكنه يقودهم ويغدق عليهم من فتاته. القائد يأمر، والنائب يأمر، والسكرتير يأمر، والمشرف يأمر، والجد يأمر، والأب يأمر، والأمر ينتقل بالوراثة مع الفكر المتكلس.

ماهو سر الدفاع المستميت عن شخص ما يشك في تصرفاته، فما بالك بمن قتل وسجن وهجر الآلاف، وبمن فرض قوانين لاتخدم الا مصالحه. إنه ولاء القبيلة حتى لو ادعى شخص أننا أبناء مدن وأننا في الألفية الثالثة، هذا الفكر الذي غالبا ما يغطى عليه بكلمات مثل التكامل والترابط الاجتماعي والذي هو في الحقيقة يكاد ينعدم في مجتمعاتنا المفككة. بالنظر لداعش كمجتمع مصغر، الولاء للخليفة هي سمه عامة، مهما قتل ونكل واغتصب وسجن، فإن من يناصره يبرر له تصرفاته بما فيه من مصلحة الأمة: القبيلة. العنصرية القبلية الداعشية تهاجم كل مختلف عنها لونا ودينا وطريقة حياة.

عن المرأة

تدور الآن حملات غاضبة بسبب فيديو نشره داعش حول رجم إمرأة سورية متهمة “بالزنا”، في الحقيقة داعش لم يخرج كثيرا عن عاداتنا وتقاليدنا في استرداد “الشرف” بالدم. كانت جرائم الشرف في سوريا موضوع شائك، فبحسب إحدى الإحصائيات كل عام تقتل ٢٠٠ امرأة بدم بارد وغالبا ماكان الجاني يخرج فخورا بفعلته وحرا دون محاسبة قانونية أو حتى اجتماعية. معظم هذه الجرائم كانت ترتكب بطرق وحشية مثل الذبح.

كيف نفرق بين مجتمع يلقي بالائمة على ملابس امرأة قد تكون عادية ومريحة بسبب تحرش الزعران بها، وتنظيم داعش الذي يسبي النساء، التحرش بالمرأة هو نوع من أنواع السبي وليس هناك اختلاف على وضع المرأة كملكية للعائلة والمجتمع، ولكن يبدو لي أنه صراع على هذه الملكية لأن داعش لايتبع “المعايير الاجتماعية المتداولة” لنقل الملكية من سلطة ذكورية لسلطة ذكورية مختلفة، لكنه يأخذها عنوة. لاتزال مسائل حقوق المرأة والطفل شائكة في مجتمعاتنا، عند الحديث على سبيل المثال عن الختان في بعض المناطق تجد عدم اكتراث لأن النساء اللاتي يتم فعل ذلك بهن هن ملكية ذلك المجتمع وليس لنا شأن في الحديث عنه. أو عندما يقرر أب أن يمنع ابنته (أو ابنه) عن الدراسة، اجبار ابنته القاصر على الزواج، اصرار المجتمع على أن تخلف لهم المرأة ذرية شاءت أم أبت، تحديد أدوارها والاستخفاف بمنطقها وتفكيرها من أجل توجيهها إلى مسائل ثانوية لاعلاقة لها بتنمية أو تغيير. هذا كله جزء من آليات التحكم بالنساء وتحييدهم عن الحياة السياسية، الاجتماعية، وحتى حياتهن الخاصة. كيف يختلف ذلك عن الطريقة التي يعامل فيها داعش النساء؟

ذهنية العمالة

لايبدو أننا نعي فكرة العمل بحد ذاتها، من تجاربي خلال سنوات العمل الطويلة، من يُشغل أحدا يعتقد أنه يملكه. حقوق العامل والقوانين الضابطة لهذه العلاقة ينظر لها أنها تجربة غريبة مستجلبه من الخارج وهذه الحقوق ليست حقيقية. ليس الخدم من العمالة الآسيوية أو الافريقية وحدهم من يعاني من المعاملة السيئة، لكن أيضا الموظفين والمتدربين وحتى أصحاب الخبرات يعانون من استغلال مقنع.

ولكني سألقي اليوم بفكرة تنبهت إليها مؤخرا وتعنى بالموظفين من المنطقة العربية، وهي أنهم غالبا ما يقبلون بالأمر الواقع مكتفين بالنميمه، وشهدت كثيرا منهم يطالبون بتحسين أحوالهم لا لأنهم ممتعضون من انعدام المساواة، بل لأن الفرصة لم تسنح ليستغلوا غيرهم، وهو أمر مخيف حقيقة يجعلني اتسائل عن أولئك الذين يذمون داعش عن بعد، ولكن هل هذا الذم نابع من ايمان فعلي بسوءات داعش أم لأن الفرصة لم تسنح بعد ليكون/تكون أحد أفراد التنظيم؟ وهل يختلف استغلال العمال كل يوم عن استغلال داعش للبسطاء المنضمين للتنظيم من أجل خوض حروبها؟

العلاقة مع الطبيعة والعالم

جلنا يعتقد أن العالم وجد لخدمته وإمرته، وهذا ليس صحيحا، العالم لم يخلق لأجلنا. وعندما أقول العالم أقصد بالأرض فقط لأننا أكثر ضآلة من أن نكون مستخلفين على المجرات. بحسب الجمعية الوطنية للعلوم في الولايات المتحدة، هناك ١٠٠ مليار نجم (شمس) في الكون. واستطاع مرصد كبلر عام ٢٠٠٩ رصد ٢٣٢٦ كوكب صالح للحياة خلال ١٦ شهرا من البحث، وهذه بالطبع الكواكب القليلة التي التي أمكن رصدها. إن كان هناك حياة على الكواكب الثانية، هل سنعتبر أنفسنا أسيادهم؟ أو بالأحرى مستخلفين عليهم؟

لنبق على الأرض ولننظر كيف نعامل بيئتنا والمخلوقات التي تحيط بنا، نحن معدوموا الرحمة، نبتلع كل شيء بلا هوادة، وإن طالب أحدهم بالرفق بالحيوان أو ترشيد الموارد يجابه بالضحك والاستهزاء والمطالبه بالنظر لحال البشر أولا. لكن العالم الطبيعي هو إمتداد لنا ونحن جزء منه والحفاظ عليه هو جزء من الحفاظ علينا. داعش مثلا لايأبه بالمقدرات الطبيعية والموارد فهي موجودة من أجله فقط ولخدمته، وهذا التفكير ينسجم مع التفكير الاجتماعي العام.

أخيرا، نظرة على وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي نجد عدد لا يستهان به من الناس يكيلون المديح والتشجيع لداعش. وفي هذا الصدد ألقي باللوم الأكبر على وسائل الاعلام التي تقوم بالترويج لداعش بتهويل منقطع النظير من أجل إخافتنا. ماذا نفعل والحال هذه؟ هناك أسس انسانية علينا التمسك بها. القبول، الاحترام، الرحمة. التغيير يتطلب شجاعة، وليس من الشجاعة في شيء الاستسلام لتقهقر نحو عصور سحيقة، قبل أن يدرك الانسان نفسه وعالمه بشكل أفضل. ليس من الشجاعة أن يستسلم شخص ما لانهيار القيم متذرعا بالوجع. لكن الوجع والغضب يدفع بالشجاعة للتشبث بالطور الانساني، الشجاعة هي أن تحافظ على رباطة جأشك بقيم انسانية ضد الزيف والحقد الذي يحاصرنا من كل جانب، و داعش هو الحمق والجبن.

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A Statement by the female political detainees in Damascus Central Prison


We suffered from the disappearance of a beloved woman in my family for several months. Then finally we got news that she is in Damascus Central Prison, she is still locked away and we still await her freedom. And while this hypocrite world busy barking about ISIS, thousands of Syrian women are tortured in many ways by Assad regime thugs. The future of many Syrian women and their families is unknown as the International Community (not for me) insists on ignoring our ordeal, for reasons we believe we started to understand.


A Statement by the female political detainees in Damascus Central Prison (Adra):

Our people are suffering from great tragedies while waiting for the dawn of freedom. Ours is one of those tragedies that we endure in silence and under intentional media blackout.
Today, we speak for those who have no voice.
To shed a light on our bad conditions and daily sufferings, we have gathered these approximate statistics.
1- There are approximately 500 female political detainees in Damascus Central Prison (Adra), without including thousands of female detainees in other detention centers. Most of them exceeded the 60 days preliminary investigation period.
2- The percentage of female detainees older than 50 years of age is 30%.
3- The percentage of pregnant detainees is 5%.
4- Birth rate: one baby is born in prison every month.
5- The percentage of permanent injuries caused by torture is 10%.
6- The percentage of neglected patients with chronic illnesses and no available treatments due to the unavailability of doctors and medications is 60%.
7- The percentage of those included in the recent amnesty does not exceed 10%, and only 3% were actually released.
8- Only 20% have the ability and can afford to hire an attorney, with the knowledge that lawyers cannot represent their clients in terrorism courts and can only bring the court date closer.
9- The percentage of the detainees who are granted family visits; and therefore get money for personal expenses, does not exceed 30%. Taking into consideration that each detainee needs a minimum of 5000sp monthly.
Based on the foregoing, we therefore demand:
1- Media Support to shed a light on our inhumane and illegal conditions. Since most of us have been indefinitely detained by the court of terrorism without any legal justification, and were denied release by the judges except those who could pay enormous amounts of money that most of us cannot afford.
2- Financial aid and relief campaigns for the detainees whose detention periods have exceeded a year and have inflicted enormous damage on their families and children. Most of the detainees, especially the ones detained with their husbands, gather small amounts of money they get as aid to help their children who lost their providers.
3- Increase the international pressure to highlight the recent fabricated amnesty and embarrass the Syrian regime and force them to release all political detainees.
Damascus 10/10/2014

There are no accurate statistics about the numbers of detained women in the Syrian regime prisons, and the same applies on all the other victims –martyrs or prisoners – of the regime and its cloners. All the mentioned statistics may cover part of the reality and through a specific duration of time, including this statement, but the truth is still bigger and bitter.

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