Comment on Stratfor Challenges Narratives on Syria

Stratfor Challenges Narratives on Syria by Sharmine Narwani

What gives indeed? NATO in Libya interfered 15 days after the revolution started; balancing Gaddafi’s force with the rebels, the struggle lasted for 8 months.  But Syrians remained peaceful for the first 7 months facing death behind a heavily armed ruling mafia came to power with a military coup and stabilized its rule through terror. 

 How did Stratfor knew that the opposition claims were untrue? did they sent their own investigation team there? Or they are claiming that the Human Rights Workers are simply lying? Or thousands of Syrians escaped from the Syrian regime’s violence are not telling the truth? 

It is true that the data from Syria is inaccurate especially when the Syrian regime prevents all free media and humanitarian workers from operating inside Syria – including Red Cross- and at the same time spreading all kinds of lies, all the time. But to claim that opposition is shooting those who participate in pro-Assad protests is absolutely a flagrant and outrageous lie; pro-Assad protests are untouchable and are highly protected by security forces and Shabiha with all kinds of weapons, and half of those who go out in pro-Assad protests are from security forces in the first place, they usually choose maximum security areas in the heart of Damascus and Aleppo were no opposition was ever allowed to get near to demonstrate. I believe the numbers provided by the opposition is far less than the real numbers of Syrians killed by Assad regime. Everyday Syrians discover mass graves for young soldiers and civilians in fields and side roads shot in the head, looking at the history of massacres made by the Syrian regime since the 80’s till present time, there is no doubt that it is the acts of Assad thugs and soldiers. The crimes and massacres we are seeing today are a large scale replica for the massacres in Hama 1982 among other atrocities. Allow me to mention here Sidnaya prison massacre in 2008:,,IFHR,,SYR,,48a2a90923,0.html which was a replica for Tadmor prison massacre in the 80’s. The time changed, but not the criminals, all the old security guards that accompanied Assad senior in his long road of carnage and death, are still in power helping Assad senior to continue the march of death.

But before I move on, I just want to call the struggle in Syria its proper name: it is a revolution. The opposition are the majority of Syrians from different sects and ethnic origins. The opposition who was forced to carry arms to defend their lives and their families called the Free Syrian Army, half defected soldiers refused to shoot their own people, and the other half are civilians have nothing to lose after they lost their love ones and homes.

Startfor found “no signs of massacre in Homs!” Why not asking the western journalists who were in Homs and witnessed Baba Amr massacre? Could it be that Stratfor believes in the the Syrian regime’s crazy claims that the “opposition” and “terrorists” were financed by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the West, USA and Israel to build fake cities look like Homs and Idlib, and millions are spent to produce thousands and thousands Youtube movies just to fool the entire world? Sometimes Syrian activists broadcasted live from neighborhoods shelled in Homs. I just want to hear Stratfor’s analysis of the satellite photos issued by USA after Baba Amr massacre that shows the horrifying destruction of Homs and the spread of Assad heavy artillery. This is a regime that prevent its citizens to get milk for their children and water, a regime that brags night and day on its state TV that its “heroic” special forces attacked a field hospital. Attacking fields hospitals violates the Geneva Convention and thus regarded as a crime against humanity. 

The Syrian regime does not care about the casualties numbers simply because it feels it is untouchable and protected by Russia from any military intervention. The Syrian regime does not care about economic sanctions, it is receiving one billion dollar every month from Iran taken from the mouths of poor Iranian citizens. Weapons shipment from Russia and Iran reach Syria every couple of months, and this is only what we know. On the other hand, Syrians are fighting with Kalashnikov and some other weapons purchased from corrupted Syrian officers. So may I ask where do all the tons of Russian and Iranian arms are going? Syrian regime always states that getting weapons from other countries is one of its rights because the ruling mafia consider itself a sovereign country, Syria is just a ranch for Assad family and the ruling junta, now my lovely country is hijacked by Russia and Iran.

The flagrant lie that all minorities backed the regime is pathetic, I am from the Kurdish minority, and as many Kurds, we want to get rid of these criminals in power. Churches in Homs took many injured and homeless Sunni families. The regime was trying to say that it protects the minorities, but there are many Syrians from minorities opposing Syrian regime, including Alawis opposition. The grand mufti in Syria is a Sunni and he is a staunch supporter of Assad. A Christian young man from Damascus called Basel Shahadeh, was studying in USA to be a movie director, returned to Syria a while ago and went to Homs to be with the young activists there, two days ago he was killed during a shelling by Syrian regime with his Muslim Sunni friend. 

We don’t talk about external stakeholders as if they were stupid, the Turkish intelligence in Syria is strong and I believe they don’t have to be told what is going on, they know exactly what is happening, they are not waiting for Stratfor to tell them. Because Syrian activists are exposed without protection, they resorted to form vertical groups rather than a pyramidical form where there is a leader or leaders, in this way, if a group was caught, others will keep on working. I believe this is an evidence that this revolution is made by the people, there is no specific leader. These activists are also competing with vicious media and mercenary journalists that work to shine above the carnage of innocent people, or paid to lie, Iran and its media and all the journalists mercenaries it pay, Hezbollah and its mercenary media, Russia and its mercenary media are all working together in recruiting and broadcasting perplexed news either to confuse the spectators or strike the revolution’s credibility, sometimes the reports are so ridiculous and executed by Shabiha call themselves “journalists” like Hussein Murtada from Al Alam Iranian Arabic speaking channel. Syrians call these pro-Assad journalists: Drums.

Today, the survivors Houla massacre told U.N. investigators that many Houla victims were killed in summary executions by pro-Assad Shabiha militia, according to UN rights spokesman. Will Stratfor send its own brilliant investigators to Houla in case the survivors were lying? 

The Kudos is for the Syrian activists who risk their lives to get the truth out despite the monstrous media and military machinery they are facing. Syrians who shoot videos of Assad crimes are tortured, killed and their eyes are taken out to send a message to other civil journalists. The Glory is for the Syrian children who stood in front of a vicious death machine and mercenaries from many areas around the world.

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