Time for Madness







There is no escape

Strike your enemy

There is no other way

Your arm has dropped

So grab it

and through it at your enemy

I fell down beside you

So pick me up

and through me at your enemy


With madness, with sheer madness

Because today you are free



– Mahmoud Darwish /Palestinian poet

For about two years now, Syrians heard all kinds of crap one can ever hear or know about. The Syrian issue became a pool for all liars around the world to meet and greet, alter words of sympathy and concerns. From the Russian Foreign Minster’s weekly flagrant lie statement “We only want what the Syrian people want,” to Hillary Clinton’s monthly statement “it’s a matter of time” before Assad leaves, to the spokesman of US Department of State’s weekly statement “ASSad must leave” to UN Chief Ban’s monthly statement “We are concerned,” to NATO Chief Anders Rasmussen’s monthly statement “We don’t intend to interfere in Syria,” To Erdogan’s quarterly “Red lines,” to Arab League Chief’s monthly replica statement from UN Chief statement “We are worried,” to appointing someone who is suspected of committing crimes against humanity in Sudan General Mustafa al-Dabi, to appointing former UN Chief Kofi Anan as an envoy to Syria with his notorious reputation as the king of apathy, a broker who allowed Rwanda and Bosnia to happen, and the list goes on and on…These miserable politicians went to a new low even for them. Currently, after many months of claiming that the world is not able to help the opposition because it is not united, but know the opposition came together, still the western leaders are reluctant to help claiming that they are worried from Al Qaeda. Quelle Horreur..

For me, the most annoying statement was mawkish and sinister. Nato Chief’s statement, or shall I say message to ASSad, were each time he delivers it, the crimes of ASSad thugs go to a new level; and every time I see him on the TV I just shout before he opens his mouth “Oh just shut up and don’t say it,” but he never disappoints me, he just sends his message of reassuring to the Syrian regime.

I remember when the Syrian revolution started, every politician living on his mansion built from people’s money preached us the Syrian rebels to protest peacefully just like the 17 days protest in Egypt, with respect. We never wanted to fight, not to loose all our love ones and our country. These politicians blabbered all the time how we should stay away from violence because we must work hard to change the world’s view about us, we must prove that we are civilized and classy by facing tanks and machine guns with flesh. So what the world think of us is more important than our slain children!

When Syrians decided to fight after many months of slaughter and neglect, these politician started to say: See, we told you that they are unfit for democracy, they are  not peaceful enough for us. We were never considered as a nation defending their lives and dignity. We were just slaves deserved the rule of a brat boy they cooperated with for so long, their boy ASSad. And wether saving the lives of syrians is not economically feasible, or keeping things as they are is better for cancerous entity in our area called Israel, this farce must stop. Please, spare our intelligence from your outdated political fallacies and heresies.

Few days ago, I heard the most revolting thing during the 2 years of genocide in Syria, the Red Cross announced that about 95% of aid are not reaching the people need them, they are only reaching ASSad supporters!! What! What do I understand from this? The Red Cross was sending aid to the criminals all the time..wow

I want to send a message to the newly formed Syrian Coalition and its elected president. You must be strong for us. Do not commit the mistakes of the Syrian National Council of running around here and there to gain the satisfaction of this useless politician or that, they do not matter, but we do matter, the people matter and they are the real deal. So if the stupid Russians called you for a meeting to waste more of our life costing time, say NO, those who want to talk to us must come to us, we don’t go to see anyone, we are the ones who are killed here, not some corrupt businessman seeking a deal. Stick to the people, we must come together and hold each other tight amidst this vicious hurricane of death and lies. You know what we want, you know that the people will fight to the end, they already lost everything, their love ones, their houses, their lives’ savings, their schools, their lands, their dignity and sanctity of human body, their freedoms and rights, their books and music and smiles, what is it else to loose if one lost most of his life and soul. Be strong, be mad for us. The burden is huge and painful, you are not just fighting the bestial regime in Syria, you have also to fight these politicians who see us as a subject for their pathetic bargains. These sane lies will only be fought by righteous madness, it is the time of madness.

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