The Syrian Photographic Museum on Facebookée-Photographique-de-la-Syrie-المتحف-الفوتوغرافي-السوري/102123009849642?fref=ts

In an attempt to catch a glimpse of the Syrian history, the history which was under continuos mutilation by Assad regime to connect a 5000 years of history to itself, a new Facebook page came to remind Syrians of the history once they had before the Assad thugs come to power. The page was created by Dr. Nizar Haseeb Al Qaq and Dr. Itidal Ma’aroof Al Qaq, both started collecting photographs for Syrian history in the 20th century.

Syrian girl weaving silk at the end of the 19th century

Syrian girl weaving silk at the end of the 19th century

This Facebook page best introduced me and other young Syrians to our concealed history through pictures, each photo has a one line introduction including dates and names.


This page is teaching me more than I learnt in school about the history of my country Syria.


I am translating here the descriptions of the creators of the page which they best describe their wonderful effort.

“Destiny wanted us to go in life’s journey outside Syria, as if a Syrian’s fate to travel is printed in his genes since Phoenicians days. Like a child deprived from his mother, our everlasting position in this life is to be lost in the dark without our Polar Star Syria. Once we leave our homeland we start to search for it online, in books, TV and newspapers. We have a sense of a visual language that catches everything speaks of Syria, and we always find a way to reach because it shines like a pearl. With the expanding horizons of internet, our discoveries of old pictures for Syria expand and we started to collect these photos as if we were collecting jewels in a magical forest. Then Facebook happened, boundaries started to faint, and after meeting many of Syrian friends around the world, we decided to share our treasure of beauty, history, traditions, daily life and values with the world.”

“Our work is a hobby, this is why we started to collect these photos for years without paying attention to the sources of these photos which part of them were old post cards about Syria and most of them belong to the French occupation era in Syria, we tried to add resources to the photos and we are open to any remarks about any of them.”

“We hope that those who see any importance of presenting these photos to the Syrian expats and their children, would write a translation about these photos with the language of the country they live in to benefit all. We are publishing all pictures we have, and anyone who has more pictures can send them to us and we will post them in our FB page, this museum is a collective responsibility.”

“We dedicate our humble work to the great Syrian people and to our hometown Jaramana the neighbor of Damascus which taught us free coexistence and accepting each others equally.”

Damascus, Entrance to Souk-AL-Hamidieh, Early sixties

Damascus, Entrance to Souk-AL-Hamidieh, Early sixties

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