Innocent Shadows

Three months passed since I found myself laying in the middle of the road. I remember that day in fall when my mother told me to go to the bakery and get some bread for our family. I waited in the line all day and at the evening my turn came and I held the precious loafs dearly like a new teddy bear, the bread was my 12th birthday present. I was moving my limbs in a lively way, imagining magical cats playing with a sparkling nebula filled with suns and planets. I was telling myself stories about how Mimi (a cat looks like me with a golden sun tattoo on her forehead) was trying to organize her feline friends from all kinds including Sabretooth to resist the murderers attacks from rat planet. The scurvy rats came with their stinky smell and rot teeth to spread their ugliness in the heavens and wipe out all beauty. Suddenly, I heard someone screaming: get out of the road. Still dizzy from my daydream hangover, I looked at a narrow alley to my left, a young bearded man waving with his hand nervously calling me to come to his side, his neck was red from screaming, and he seems so scared, probably I didn’t hear him earlier. Then, I heard a shot, and a force threw me backward and I stayed there. I looked straight and up, my eyes spotted it. A sniper hiding on the roof. I was terrified till I slept.


I am laying here day in day out, watching the celestial constellation moving, watching the clouds flying, watching birds shot down for fun, watching the heat of my body alleviate, watching my energy drain, watching the color of my skin change, and watching my spirit float in the streets of my city everyday.

After I was shot I heard a lot of noises deep and loud, clear and ambiguous, approaching and departing. A couple of times, I thought I heard my mother’s shrill, suffocating cries. I heard some ladies yodeling because I am still a child and they believe that I’ll be a bird in heaven, but I want to be a cat with a golden tattoo on my forehead. The rebels tried to take me out, I felt a long iron stick trying to pull me out, but the stick never hanged on my cloths, I was too far from the nearest safe place. Once, the street was so quiet and an old man thought to try and walk through the street to take me out. Carrying in one hand a white piece of cloth, he stretched his hand from behind a wall to show the sniper that he wants a death time out to reach me, the sniper shot his hand and people had to rush him to the nearest humble field clinic. Then I was forgotten and left to mother nature.

One time, it was dawn and foggy, the sun started to be more shy at the start of the winter. My spirit wanted to see how does the sniper live on the roof. So I hovered above him for a while. He was shaking, he was clearing his running nose with his sleeve, a poor one eye stove with a kettle on it, some cans, tens of sand sacs surrounds him, tens of bottles of urine surrounds him. He was shot at by someone in a building around him, he started to cry, curse and shoot any one moving inside one of the many apartments in front of him. He seems like someone deserves to be placed and tied on the top of the hill and open a gateway from the rat planet to the place he is, the rats will come and snatch him to death.

In these three months, I wandered around my city a lot, but I couldn’t go outside because I wither in the air when I go far from my body. Every time rain fell I wish so hard that a flood would sweep me to my house, and I would wake up beside my family. One sunny day a hungry cat came near me to chew my finger, but the sniper shot her too, and she just stayed beside me. I called her Mimi, a blond cat. The first week I stayed on the ground beside my new buddy, her eyes were turned off, but she is still so sweet. Mimi started to appear to me at dawn after 2 weeks, but she is still acting like an earthly cat, runs away from me and wanders around the streets of my city. At times, I feel she understands that we do not belong anymore to the soil, yet, both of us don’t know where do we really belong to, or will we stay here till the cosmos fell in the abyss of the black matter, or beyond?

Today I was sitting on the sidewalk watching my corpse decay, my shredded dress lost a piece from it when the wind blows tougher. I saw a reporter taking photographs of my body, I was angry, didn’t want to appear on TV like that, I want to look pretty. A group of rebels were telling the reporter how they were not able to pull me out and burry me in a quiet and peaceful park near the swings so I would rest in peace forever. Will I rest in peace when all this mad mayhem is going on all around me? Will I rest when justice is not served for me and for Mimi? I was sitting there on the street, suddenly, Mimi’s shadow sat beside me, I was very happy when she smiled at me. A strange entity Mimi’s shadow is.

At night I sat inside my body to observe the celestial dome, waiting for a shooting star to take me away from here to cat planet, or to knock the mad sniper off the building so he would no longer shoot a bird, a dog, a cat or a human, or shoot any newly blossoming flower trying to emerge from the concrete cement.Unknown

Mimi is purring to ease my agitation, and it works. Will she purrs me to her planet one day. She looks at me and smiled again. Then we withered in the haze.

About Hummingbird

Feels strange when I talk about myself. It is just me.
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