A Human Being’s Revolution for Life: Day 1

المترجمون السوريون الأحرار | Free Syrian Translators

A Human Being’s Revolution for Life

The 2nd Anniversary of the Syrian Revolution

Day 1: 15 March 2013


Blue will be used as the defining colour of this day in reference to the colour used in the UN’s logo as a reminder of its role to protect human rights and defend liberty.

The Syrian people felt betrayed. International conventions and treaties which were put in place to defend human rights were all but ignored in the face of the economic and political interests of the world’s powers. The Syrian people felt that these treaties are nothing but pieces of paper which are taken out of the drawer or hidden according to the wishes of those powers. Meanwhile, international humanitarian organisations have abandoned their true mission under political and logistic pressures to become unjustifiably silent and almost obsolete towards what is happening in Syria. The martyrs, detainees, and displaced refugees of…

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