Hope Wanders Aamong Ruins

This article is written by one of my favorite Syrian writers and novelists, Khaled Khalifa.  This article describes what Syrians feel toward the hypocrisy and lies by international community and world politicians. I am translating and posting it here. 

Hope Wanders Among Ruins


Two years and we are still planting the seedlings of hope. We are searching again for ourselves. And amidst death and destruction, we wake up every morning. We have many things to do. There is no time for Syrians to talk and defend their revolution. We got the message that we are all alone, and the world is busy searching for a black spot over here, or a smudge of shame over there, so it would lay back and rest its conscious, only talking about the delicious Syrian food and the romantic moments in the alleys of our old cities. We don’t have more time to rearrange the pictures of our martyrs and bury them. We don’t have any time to reply on the solidarity messages coming from all around the world. There is no time to answer questions about the beliefs of millions of Syrians and their intellectual trends, so the official and nonofficial political circles would be content with our death.

We wipe the blood from all the killers’ knives, we wipe the blood from the victims of SCUD missiles, from the victims of shelling, artillery and warplanes. We wipe the blood from the fallen walls of our houses, from our cities that turned into ruins. These cities are not celebrating the evenings of reshaping a romantic picture, that attracts blood sellers and maps drawers. We apologize to the martyrs because we are not martyrs yet, and we apologize to you because we are still witnessing your shame.

We don’t care what the history will say as long as we are writing it with our blood. There is a huge difference between those who write history with a complicit ink and those who are writing it with blood.

Two years and hope wanders among ruins. We are deaf now, but we can still see. You can’t, because you are blind, and what we have is enough to form the picture of the upcoming Syria. What we need now is some silence, and as you remain silence, at least keep it that way and don’t humiliate our blood. We know that our revolution is remixing the cards, but since day one in our revolution we did not intend to rearrange any cards, the same cards that were the reason for our slavery and violation of our dignity for years. Do we have to apologize because our freedom has no other way?

We are not the guardians of our enemies’ borders, we are not the guardians of sectarian temples and the seller of its delusions in our region. We are not killers or cave men so we would give our people the guarantees you need. Enough now with your hypocrisy. Let us die in silence. We apologize for filling your evenings with the noise of our hope and martyrs.

For reading the original article in Arabic:


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