Growing Global Interest in Playwright Saadallah Wannous

One of my favorite writers. Actually he is one of the all Syrians favorite writers

Arabic Literature (in English)

The collection Doomed by Hope: Essays on Arab Theatre, ed. Eyad Houssami, comes at a time of renewed interest in its guiding light, Saadallah Wannous (1941-1997):

wannousAli Ali ‘Ajil Naji al-Anezi, in a 2006 dissertation on Wannous, lamented that “Wannous’s name is virtually unknown in the West; only two academic studies of any significance have appeared in English on this eminent and challenging writer, who was honoured by UNESCO at the end of his life. Even in the Arab world his standing rests largely upon his celebrity as a cultural icon, since professional performances of his plays are rare due to the decline of the theatre in the region, and little attention has been devoted to theatre studies by Arab academics.”

But even before the events that began in December 2010, there was a resurgence in discussion of Wannous’s work.

In 2008, Eyad Houssami writes in his introduction to 

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