Frozen alive, a story from Syria

When peaceful protests sparked in southern Syrian city Deraa, a young man was shot with other protestors by Syrian regime Shabeeha (supporters of the Syrian ruling mafia). Then the young man was put in the morgue alive and left to freeze to death. How did we know he was alive? Using his blood, he wrote on the wall of the morgue a message to his mother.

This is just one story among many, far many horrors that we only thought they belong to fiction, but it turns into reality in Syria.

This is the story of a young man from Deraa called Mohammed.

This is Moahmmed

This is Moahmmed

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2 Responses to Frozen alive, a story from Syria

  1. What happended to concern for theright of the most vulnerable, here in America?

  2. My heart aches. The ache comes from feeling helpless. All I can do is read, learn and spread your stories to others who are not aware. You are right to share these stories – to open the eyes of the blind.

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