I Take a Stand Beside The Forgotten Humanity

I became a bit grumpy lately from being a human, I started to feel disgusted because of what people are doing to Syria. I don’t want to be a human anymore, just want to rip my skin and transform into another being, another entity, another creature. I couldn’t stand any of the things I love and used to do whenever I feel agitating. I did not want to talk to anyone, did not want to listen to my favorite music, did not want to write and did not to be with my cats. I did not want to see any face. Maybe I’ll rib my heart out and be a machine so I won’t feel horrified or mesmerized by the ugly face of humanity in my country.

Sometimes I think that all the monsters and evil creators we read about in fiction or legends, are just a manifestations of the worst images of human ego. Just today I was reading how some doctors in Turkey are treating Syrian injured refugees inhumanly because these doctors support Assad regime. Some of these doctors cut a man’s limb more than  needed, some are cursing and humiliating these poor refugees. A doctor told a patient to not scream from pain because he is a Syrian and he does not have the right to complain! After knowing this I thought to myself: How can some one’s mind be so mixed-up to take advantage and continue breaking any weak and fragile human just because he can? Or just because he does not like the patient? What does the world expect when these crushed spirits return back to life?

But what is happening in Turkey is just a very very small part of what Syrian regime’s supporters did to innocent people. The current violence is the result of Assad regime’s endeavors to bestialize and dehumanize society, not just in the past 2 years of revolution, but during the past 4 decades of ASSad family rule. The family couldn’t stand to not mutilate the society and turn it into a reflection its freakish existence.

When the Syrian peaceful protests started, I was not able to understand why would someone be killed for lifting up a rose for an army officer or a police officer asking him to join the humans, the people. When an army officer shoots a peaceful protestor without thinking, this means that this officer affirms his status as a tool for the brutal authority, by that he became a reason for spreading violence, he transforms into a machine. Thousands of young men, women and children were killed. Some were for protesting, some for being a relative or a family member to a protestor, some were killed just to scare protestors, in other words: A sample. But those who were killed are the lucky ones, its is better to be killed than being arrested. The tools they will use in torture does not exist in God’s hell. Is this human? To break someone’s back? To melt a face with acid? To put a mouse inside a woman’s vagina? To use a drill on a child till death? To leave a prisoner’s wound to rot and devoured by maggots? That is why those who support Assad regime make me sick, they are not even humans. What kind of deformity is this? They say it is a matter of the freedom of political opinion, but this is never policy, it is called genocide, and it is a matter of the freedom to kill. Yes it came to this, to the most primitive urge, kill for fun, kill to feel important and strong, kill to scare others. How I feel sad for what might be a distorted future for my country.

This is Banyas - Syria at the start of peaceful protests. Few days ago a savage massacre took place in this area committed by ASSad troops and loyalties.

This is Banyas – Syria at the start of peaceful protests. Few days ago a savage massacre took place in this area committed by ASSad troops and loyalties.

And you want to talk about the armed rebels? It was foreseeable. It was inevitable that people will carry arms, it was inevitable that hatred will spread by the actions of Assad thugs, it was inevitable that some will try to defend himself with a weapon, and it was inevitable that the killing for fun by Assad mobs will became a battle for existence because no one anymore want these halfwits live between them without getting justice. It is also inevitable that with weapons, humans deteriorate to their most primal entities. But this is exactly what the regime wants: their hatred to spread, to leave a legacy of insanity. No country shells entire towns or cities with mass destruction weapons to kill a dozen of “terrorists,” such state must be led by fools, and such fools are not fit to lead.

For all this, we cannot allow this to happen. As this family perishes, its legacy of death and madness must be buried with it. The revolution have to produce a new value if it aught to succeed, a value of reconciliation and forgiveness, a value of healing and moving forward, a value of standing hand by hand united as Syrians. There are many people helping each others, there is love and sacrifice, but the mad hatred started to affect those who are in so much pain because they lost all, even themselves. There is a struggle between matter and anti-matter, a struggle between a promising beauty and existing ugliness.

Will the monsters be held responsible for making this life more like an inferno to the rest of us who want to build a better and more peaceful world? We who seek a transformation from ASSad family jungle values, carry a heavy burden to reach and spread awareness for being better despite all this pain, to regain our humanity.

Today I was watching a movie that made me cry showing people helping each others. It reminded me of our forgotten humanity. The video captured the mercy and nobility of people. I thought: Only egocentric brutes incite people against each others and lead them to massacres for the tyrants’ own sick interests and desires, they want to devour more on the corpses of innocent humans. I also thought about those who support ASSad and cheer after every massacre his troops commit, calling him to purify Syria from those who does not worship their master, would they ever realize that they are just slaves and that ASSad does not worth crushing the souls of thousands of humans? He does not worth stepping the face of humanity with a boot forever?

I hereby testify that I am not neutral, I always take the side of the our forgotten humanity.

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2 Responses to I Take a Stand Beside The Forgotten Humanity

  1. Oh, Hummingbird – I can feel your pain while reading your words. I wish I had hopeful words to give to you, words of peace…..but they are just empty words in a war torn country. I can only say that I love you, my sister. I hope and pray and love and wait….for your nightmare to end.

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