Does This Not Outrage You?

I am sorry for the content for this post, but I was outraged because of the attention made to the video showing a criminal pervert cutting a dead man and eating his heart while thousands of videos showing horrific and repulsive crimes by ASSad thugs were treated as natural actions. I believe that there is a profound problem in the way  many in the world perceives us. As if they have this image of a Middle Eastern monster terrorist, and they make great efforts to get anything that proves their point no matter how such quest seems inhuman, unethical and unjust, no matter how the rest of us denounce and outraged by such actions. Such video made viral to stress the orientalist fallacy image many people around the world have for us. This stereotypical image also might suggests that it is natural that such barbaric nations have dictatorships taking all necessary measures just to keep these beasts under control. Don’t anyone have any shame anymore?
This blog is written by the Revolting Syrian. If you want to read the original post please refer to this link: 
Does This Not Outrage You?
Much has been said over the past two days in the world press about a sick video showing an FSA commander tearing the heart out of a dead Hezbullah fighter (sent to murder Syrians) in Qusayr, Homs and then eating it. 

The video is vile. The act is vicious. The cannibalism is inexcusable.

However, the ‘outrage’ over this video has been proclaimed by Human Rights Watch to be “the most disgusting atrocity filmed in the Syrian Civil War”. Human Rights Watch is also quoted in dozens of the world’s most widely read newspapers, television programs and news media networks stating the same. The media in general has taken the same attitude, saying that this single video, is the worst thing to have befallen the Syrian Revolution (they incorrectly call it a civil war).

Honestly? This video is the worst you people have seen come out of Syria? If that’s the case, then allow me to educate you for a moment.

Countless keyboard pontificators, armchair generals, faux-leftists and of course, Assad’s supporters have pounced on this video, waved it like a flag in the wind, and declared that every Syrian who is not on Assad’s side of the massacre (again, not civil war) is a ‘dirty cannibal terrorist’. And yes, they apply that label to babies, children, women, the elderly and the 90,000+ martyrs that Assad’s forces have killed since March 2011.

Where was your outrage, dear fellow humans, when all of the videos below were released? I categorized (that’s how many there are now) them for you below. Can you watch them? Can you bear it? Can you stand it? Or will you look away? Toss our martyrs aside and forget us, or even worse, tell us that our 90,000 dead are all the result of ‘terrorists’ and/or the most elaborate ‘hoax’ of all time. Which is what the Assad regime has said since the first protesters took to the streets in Daraa on March 15th, 2011.

The videos below represent a tiny fraction of the entire body of videos released from Syria and represent a much smaller fraction of what actually happens across the country that is not recorded. I can say, with full, and disgusting, confidence that the Syrian Revolution, turned massacre, is the largest ever mass murder of the Information Age, where there is literally hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of videos to attest to that fact, many of them recorded and released in near real-time.

You can continue your outrage over the video of a cannibal ripping the heart out of a terrorist sent to fight on behalf of a sectarian warlord with the sole aim of empowering a dictator so that he may resume his reign of terror on the people of my country. However, you have no right to label it the ‘most disgusting atrocity’. No right whatsoever.

*These videos are by no means all or even the worst to have emerged from Syria. They are a sample that I have been able to find in the last 2 hours. 

LEAKED VIDEOS OF ASSAD’S FORCES TORTURING AND EXECUTING CIVILIANS AND FSA: It is worth it to note that of the few videos posted below, Assad’s regime has not even gone as far as to acknowledge their very existence (of the videos), much less hold those in the videos accountable (since the regime is the one ordering such atrocities). It is also worthy to note that most major crimes by the FSA have been acknowledged and admitted. Even though the FSA is not a formal organization, nor does it have any type of structure or tangible line of command. The FSA even published a statement about the cannibal video here. Something Assad never has, or ever will do.

Assad’s forces torture and execute a group of men. Very difficult to watch.

Assad’s forces beat a middle-aged man in the street and tell him “I’ll let you see your children again if you let us f**k your wife” to which he responds “my wife is my crown” Then they execute him.

Assad’s forces stab and stone two men to death. Horrific video, tough to watch.

Assad’s forces beat this man with metal rods, bricks and then finally execute him while saying ““F**k Your Sister! … F**k Your God You Beast! …. F**k Your Prophet … Take Your Holy Book & Shove it Up our Ass! …. I Want To F**k Your God!

After beating and humiliating him, they lay him on the ground and execute him

After brutally torturing them, then executing them, Assad’s forces cut the genitals off these men and place it in their mouths.


Asasd’s forces beat two men to death, laughing as they do it. They even set fire to one of the men’s heads.

Assad’s forces torture a man in Banyas, Tartous

Of course, we have Hamza Al Khatib, the horrific torture he endured after being arrested (he was 13) included chopping off his genitals, breaking most of his bones, being shot, electrocuted and beaten. We thought, back in 2011, that this event would lead to world intervention and help. This was before the people of Syria took up arms to defend themselves and before a further 8,000 children were killed.

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2 Responses to Does This Not Outrage You?

  1. I am struggling with a decision – to share these videos for my American friends to see – to witness – I struggle but I am not sure why.
    I cry – I am angry, FURIOUS. I pray and I want so desperately to DO SOMETHING and as I have said to you a number of times, I feel HELPLESS.
    Many children see my posts….innocent children. What benefit would come of that? They would be traumatized, but not nearly as the children and others in Syria.
    I struggle….and I remain your sister in love, respect and FEAR.

    • Hummingbird says:

      I understand dear friend. Even Syrians living outside this horror were traumatized by what they are seeing everyday and by what our families and friends are telling us. I am helpless too, you are not alone, and I do feel it is way bigger than us now. We are just trying to clang to it so all the efforts we made won’t be in vain and the lost lives find the light. I just get mad when I feel the world is treating the agony of thousands with apathy.
      Thank you Kim for listening and spreading the word.

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