A Letter to a Young Hummingbird

This letter is about what I wish that I knew 10 years ago.

Young Hummingbird,

Do not let your fear paralyze you, for me, it manipulated my ability to take the right decision. Fear made me imagine massive consequences for my simplest and most ordinary actions. These consequences proved to be untrue, but it always too late. Thinking about it now, it was all a delusion. Fear can blind you from doing the best for yourself, so try to pull yourself together. If you are overwhelmed, go to a quiet place where you can think peacefully, think about what is the worse thing can happen. If there was someone you trust, do not hesitate to ask for help.

Don’t be shy. In a society like mine, a girl is always more desirable if she was shy. But when you grow up you will start thinking of it as undesirable and a hypocrite quality. Do not be shy to express yourself and your opinions.

Fight back, be ready for life’s vicious battles. Don’t hesitate to defend your choices and be a shield for your dream from outside strikes. Time likes to play hide and seek, it hides dreams, wishes and aspirations, you need to seek for them. Do not give up if years started to pass, at the given moment there is time for another step toward what you want.

Do not curtail yourself in what others expect you to be, be the best of yourself. If others were intimidated by your large energy, it is their problem. As you will find out, chasing an image others have about you is tiring, frustrating and in vain. Chase your true self, it needs energy and sometimes it is painful, but when you find your authentic character, you will be more powerful and centered than ever. And you will find that people will respect your strength and confidence.

Do what you want and expect nothing, like a tender breeze in a hot summer day, touch a cheek and move on. There is no time to stop and wait for a return. Things will come to you by themselves. It is not the return you seek, it is the touch. Persistence will always be a good friend.

Do not hesitate to adopt change when needed, and do not despair when you feel that your way is longer than others. It is longer because you are deeper and have more layers. When your rebellious soul feels weary, your wings will flap stronger. Do not hesitate to seize any opportunity to gain more knowledge and to learn new things. Be humble because ego will hinder you from seeing the beauty under the most simple wraps.

Always invest in humans, always have mercy for all creatures, be a light holder for others, always be responsible for bringing change.

Finally, be kind to yourself, and to others.


About Hummingbird

Feels strange when I talk about myself. It is just me.
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