Agony in Aleppo: a city abandoned by the world?

As the world is trying to figure out a suitable price for our Syrian heads, innocent civilians still discover their value as humans.

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5 Responses to Agony in Aleppo: a city abandoned by the world?

  1. jigdood says:

    I wonder why they dont send arms to Bahrain too, Syria is a victim because the rulers are against Israel

    • Hummingbird says:

      Please spare us of the orientalist heresies and trading with Palestine. We had enough from exploiting the suffering of Palestinians to support criminal dictators like ASSad whom his mafia’s rule is based on trading with palestine. And also, please spare us from the Soviet Union’s Whataboutism propaganda, which is revived by the current Iranian theocracy regarding Bahrain. We support freedom everywhere.

      • jigdood says:

        double standards regarding freedom and democracy in our world is not propaganda, its a fact.

      • Hummingbird says:

        In this case, why don’t you talk bout Iranian double standards position regarding Syria if you are very keen on justice and freedom. Aren’t you playing a double standard role by not laying all the facts on the table?
        I am a human rights activist and a double standard position does not mean to me that children must be raped and killed for political reasons. politics is filthy, but our stands beside human dignity and sanctity of living will bring the balance to this cruel world.
        I am a freedom seeker, and I say freedom for all, justice for all, equality for all.

      • jigdood says:

        I agree with you Im not on Iranain government side,

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