What Unites Us

I was talking to a friend about silly things I do when I lose my focus and I am overwhelmed with life’s burdens. My friend told me that she does the same silly things. Hearing her response made me wonder: Do other people lose their marbles the same way I do? So I started talking to other friends and colleagues, and I discovered that part of what brings us all together, humans from all around the world, is the actions that are so simple and fatuous. And when I talk about them, the laughter that comes out from the silliness creates a deeper bond. Let me demonstrate some events happened to this sheer nut writing this article.

Did you ever went in an elevator, and just stood there doing nothing? Then you started to wander how slow this elevator is and it is taking a long time to get to your floor. Then when you try to check which floor you reached you discover that you did not press the button in the first place? I do that, and one time I remained in the ground floor for 10 minutes, suddenly the door opened and as I was wondering why I was still in the ground floor, people asked: out? I said: actually, up.

Talking about elevators, have you ever just started walking once the elevator’s door opens? Only to discover that the hallway you are in is not your floor’s hallway. The funny thing is that you do that again in the next floor.

Did you ever unintentionally changed the first letter from the first word and replace it with a letter from the second word as you speak? And it happens just like that. For example, instead of saying “Open the Fridge” I said “Fopen the Bridge!”

Did you ever went to work and kept on thinking all day if you locked the door of your house? I used to feel embarrassed because of this, but when I discovered that many of my friends do that, I though either this is normal or I am just lucky to find friends with the same mental disorder.

Did you ever went to the market, and you couldn’t remember why did you go there? Then you bought a punch of many stuffs, only to discover when you went back home that you didn’t buy the main object you wanted to get in the first place. Talking about clueless consumers!

Did you ever felt hungry, and you decided to head to the kitchen to eat something, suddenly you found yourself in the bed room. Then you can’t remember why you are there and open the closet because you think this will remind you of why you were there? Alzheimer maybe!

Last one, did you ever opened your laptop to check an important email you were waiting for, then you found yourself spending more than an hour on Facebook, so you sign out from Facebook, close your computer and stand up. You suddenly say to yourself: What the @#$%^

There are more that connects us than we think, the trivial silly things are my favorite.


About Hummingbird

Feels strange when I talk about myself. It is just me.
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