Princesses in Syria Live Tales of Horror

For the Syrian regime, it is not enough that hundreds of thousands of children are killed, injured and displaced, but the regime uses them as tools in its cheap media campaigns. In a recent video made by the genius Syrian TV state, a young girl interviewed as the “princes of AQ group” in Deir ez-Zor province. In her confession to the interviewer, she claimed that she was engaged in Jihad Al Nikah (sex during Jihad) and she had sex with several persons and she was taped via camera. Syrian activists from the same province and relatives of the girl say that this girl is about 13-14 years old, her name is Sarah Al Alao. Now, if this true I demand that the UNICEF would step in and investigate this case if they really care about “Saving the Children.”

This girl must be healed from trauma and protected. And we must know if she was really what the Syrian regime claimed or she was forced to claim that. According to our long experience with the Syrian criminal state TV, it is not a media resource, it is just another branch for intelligence forces. A video of the girl in an “interview” with Syrian state TV. The interview is in Arabic.

We still remember the story of Tal Al Malouhi, who was just a high school student when Assad regime’s forces imprisoned her for reasons unknown at all, claiming that she is weakening the spirit of the nation! (Although a stupid accusation, but it is a crime that can get death according to Syrian regime). She is still in prison till now.

Tal Al-Mallohi - arrested at 17 years old for unknown reasons

Tal Al-Mallohi – arrested at 17 years old for unknown reasons

Thousands of Syrian children have been killed in Syria. One of the most favorite killing methods by Assad regime is slaughtering young children, similar to what terrorists do, but surprisingly the International Community does not say that Assad regime is carrying out terrorist attacks. I don’t know, maybe there is something related to the definition of state terrorism, and the ambiguous definition of terrorism itself. This video hereunder is just a very small part of the crimes committed by Assad regime’s forces against Syrians including children. The video is difficult to watch so discretion is advised.

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