UPDATED Report of #CWMassacre – 646 Souls Gone – 21/8/2013

Greater Syria


[Report composed by the Syrian Revolution General Commission] 



Chemical weaponry targeting civilians in Eastern and Western ALGhouta’s towns, leading to massive massacre – Wednesday, 21/8/2013 [Damascus province]

[Final report composed for Wednesday, 21/8/2013]


— Syrian Revolution General Commission was able to document 646 martyrs, amongst them 33 women and 22 children, killed in the chemical weaponry massacre committed by the regime. We do note though that the death toll is much higher and we are still working on documenting the names and photos of the martyrs. This report will be updated further as information floods in from medical points and activists regarding the exact death toll.


At around 2:45 A.M in the early morning of Wednesday, the regime’s forces began heavily bombarding several areas in Eastern Al Ghouta using rocket with warheads; the bombardment specifically targeted the following areas:

1] Al Zainia area in Ein…

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