We Want Our Dollars and Euros, Not Human Rights!

This is a translation of a much longer article that discusses different subjects written in Arabic by Palestinian journalist Saleem Al Beik. It was first published in Alquds newspaper. Find the original article here: http://www.alquds.co.uk/?p=80495

We Want Our Dollars and Euros

The miserable war experience which the US and Western coalition went through in the previous years, will make it difficult for a citizen who enjoys his rights in a democratic system to accept that his country will go to a new war, and this what is happening right now. Therefore, we are seeing some protests in the Western countries where the signs outnumber the protesters (each carrying two signs) that are against the assumed military strike on Syrian targets. They are calling to stop the “War that will be launched by USA on Syria.” These terms were promoted by means of media, each for its own reasons.

So this is a war that brings back to the memory the vast and ugly war waged by USA and its allies on Iraq, and according to some, this is one of the direct reasons for the economic crisis that shook the world few years ago.

In a report aired by Russia Today (the tongue of Russian mafia and the Syrian mafia as well) I saw a number of people protesting in front of the White House in Washington DC to refuse the “War on Syria”, the same phrase that many media use, as any upcoming crisis will affect them no matter how small the crisis was (especially print media). One of the protesters in the RT report summarized the reasons why she and other people are protesting in the last few days against the strike by saying:” I believe that the money that could be used in the war must remain here to help USA citizens in schools, roads and social services.” Another protester stresses on what she said:” The people now are suffering from difficulty in the country’s budget and we cannot even pay the army.”

The extreme Right and Left in Europe and USA, both didn’t care about the Syrian people, Syrians’ sacrifices and their revolution, for strange reasons and logic. There are also those with individualistic tendencies, people don’t usually read, and they only take what media offers them, then they build their shallow conclusions upon it. All those parties only care about their utilities more than the 100,000 people killed in Syria. Well, Bashar can slaughter Syrians, they have nothing to do about that as long as it does not touch their quality of life. Their dollars in their pockets might move them more than the blood of the victims in Syria. This is one of the unethical behaviors which is in harmony with the capitalist consumerism system they are living in.

George Galloway Wants his Euros and Dollars Too!

On Russia Today channel (In a reminder that it is not the Soviet Russia anymore, which most Arab Left are not willing to believe yet), I saw an interview with the leftist Arab nationalist, the struggling comrade, the journalist (on Hezbollah’s Miadeen Channel of course), the good friend of all Arab dictators from Saddam Hussein to Bashar Assad, ladies and gentlemen, it is the British Parliamentarian George Galloway. He is also saying that people don’t want war because of its high cost, and people are protesting because they believe in their rights to keep their Euros and Dollars in their pockets.

So there is no other reason then? It is not to support Assad regime which is protecting the Arab secularism, and in specific “sectarian secularism!” and not even lying about protecting Syria as a country, its people and institutions. I don’t think that either one of them (Galloway and the protesters) stood in simple solidarity with the victims of the war waged by Assad regime against its people in the past 2.5 years. Thank you Georgy for clarifying to us the reason why some are protesting against the strike, it is not a moral and political support for your tyrant friends, and it was never in support of Saddam Hussein in the past  (Approaching the Syrian case from the perspective of the Iraqi case is a huge mistake which the Assad supporters used excessively till we are fed up with it), but they are protesting in solidarity with their Euros and Dollars in their countries, in solidarity with spraying more pesticides in their neighborhoods because they were bitten by mosquitoes this summer. So Bashar can kill as much as he can of Syrian and Palestinian children as long as this does not touches their pockets.

By the way, do they know where is Syria on the map?


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  1. thank you for the translation

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