A Message From A Syrian Friend


My friend who is still living inside Syria sent me a message to answer my question about what he feels regarding the US strike, and how is the situation in his area. 


How are you my friend?

I miss you. We are all ok here. I wrote a reply yesterday to you but it just vanished, as I was writing my reply, missiles were pouring 500 meters away from us.

As for my opinion about what do I think of the US strike? Tell them that I am the son of Ghouta area in Damascus countryside, and I want to say to all those dazed people who are afraid for their “Homeland” and they are accusing people who support the intervention of being traitors, tell them that it is easy to blabber as you are placing your ass on the couch. Let them come here and live with us under the shelling and the besiege that is going on for 8 months now. Let them come and live with us for one day, then they can say what their stand is. If they still think that we should be left, I myself will go with them to Obama and convince him to stop US strike against those who would prevent air from entering Ghouta if they could. Now they claim that they are patriotic after Obama decided to pull the ear of the regime? Tell them to rest because we are not counting on neither Obama, nor on their conscience, because if they had the least of humanity, we would never end up like this.

As for us, we are used to shelling and bombardment, and Obama’s missiles will never bother us compared to what we saw -we civilians- from our army and regime supporters  whom they call themselves “resistance.” What is important to me is that no civilian would be harmed; but other than that I pray that what gone around, comes around.

And as for the revolution my friend, I see that it does not worth anything now, and you should not count on it because those who carried weapons emptied it from all its meanings, and we ended up without dignity and without a country. Do not feel sad my friend, you are doing all what you can do.

What we hope for is that after this, there will be negotiations followed by a transitional phase. Other than that we will be a failing state like Afghanistan or North Korea, or the bloodshed will continue till no Syrian is left anymore.

Take care of yourself.


Ghouta is the name of a wide area in Damascus countryside (Rif Dimashq governorate). On the 21st of August it was shelled with Chemical weapons.

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  1. Hummingbird says:

    Those who are reading this post, maybe also interested in this one, a letter I received from the same friend several months ago. https://flyhummingbird.wordpress.com/2012/11/29/a-letter-from-a-friend-living-through-the-syrian-massacre/

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