Let us celebrate the victory in the aftermath of CW attack


It is crucial, the interests and viewpoints of the world in our affairs and situations, but we ourselves do not matter, what we think does not matter, what we want does not matter. Our agony is an agreement and our death is a bargain.

The news about Syria now is all about cleaning Syria from CWs. In this consumerism world, the subject is more important than the soul. Chemical Weapons are highly important and must be removed, not other lethal weapons. Not the cluster bombs, not the napalms, not the TNT barrels, not the rocket launchers, not the air strikes, not the land mines, not mortars, not the blasts, not using knifes to cut throats, not the crime against humanity that is deliberately ignored, and not about the criminal who is causing all this destruction and ripping off an entire nation.

It is all about the removing CW, and I don’t know if this subject really matter, is this pours in someone’s interest? Is it a play to say that we are really doing something? I call it a pacifier act. We used to say that Assad is trying to mix facts to create disturbance, try to misguide everyone so people can feel lost inside their ignorance, but this is not the policy of Assad alone, it is the new world policy. I am starting to hear people saying: We don’t think that there is a difference between what is good and what is evil. I understand where they are coming from when a disturbing act, like removing CW and leaving the one who used them free, is practiced. But I don’t justify this ignorance, I don’t respect those who tells me that we don’t know what is going on as millions of Syrians are in despair and displaced. I don’t justify a judgment or opinion based on ignorance, and I don’t respect lazy humans resorting to their stereotypical images rather than trying to know better.

The celebration of removing CW in Syrian was crowned by a Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the chemical weapons watchdog OCPW. In a stupid comment, as usual, to an Arabic newspaper made by the head of Syrian ruling mafia Bashar Assad, he said “jokingly” that the Nobel Peace Prize was supposed to be awarded to him! In the current logic of this world, he actually should! Of course, his efforts for defending the “free world” from terrorists that were freed by him from his prisons so he can fight them, deserve an international recognition. Again, it is not about the people in the Middle East, it is always about the safety and prosperity of everyone else. It is the new concept of peace, not people’s peace, it is interests’ peace, the peace of the tyrants not the humanitarian peace.

So let us celebrate this grand victory over the suffocating bodies of toddlers, the missing bodies in the sea, the besieged starving civilians in Syria, the millions deprived from any connection with humanity in refugees’ camps. Yes let us celebrate the merciful tyrants who stop the criminal terrorists from attacking the free democratic world, let us celebrate the act of evacuating and killing all civil parties in Syria and only keeping those who are fighting the proxy war, let us celebrate the continuous efforts to empty the revolution from all the meanings of freedom and dignity because these nations are semi-humans and do not deserve the rights others want for themselves. Let us celebrate this shameful glorious victory.

We need to redefine what is peace, justice and humanity.

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