Saint You


It is 8 days now since you are gone my beloved one. I am not natural and can’t function as a normal being battling days. Why do I always be with good heart, brave and values-embracing beings that have everything to lose, and they do? I am destined to be with them.

I can’t say that I wish you did not do the things you did, it’s not my wish to wish. I just pray that the beliefs you sacrificed for give you the strength and comfort when you face the inevitable.

Still my heart shatters.

Today, I ate a can of tuna. I wasn’t that hungry, but I was possessed by the memory of you eating peppered tuna with lime. I thought that the memory will ease my wailing entity. I was wrong. Memories are tasteless.

I just wish that I can see your face again. You can hold the hand of the little girl I was, look after me and make me feel secure.

About Hummingbird

Feels strange when I talk about myself. It is just me.
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