Hope for The Kitty

This is not our cat Susu, but she resembles her.

This is not our cat Susu, but she resembles her.

Many people are praying for you, praying to different Gods and in many languages. You are dear. I just want to know where you are.

Do you remember how much we loved cats? You always brought a cat to the house. You saved stray ones. And we were always blessed with little kittens.

One time you brought a tabby stray cat to the house that we enjoyed its dear company. We named her Tutu. When Tutu grew up she had 5 kittens one night. Three died for no reason, we just woke up in the morning and found the poor little cats soulless. We wept and prayed the other two would live. One was tri color cat we called her Jojo, and the other was a white and tabby cat that we named her Susu. All of our cats had the same name tune, should be funny and sassy.

Our cats used to wander outside the house, one day our cat Susu came to us paralyzed from waste onward. It was obvious that her back was hurt. We didn’t know what to do. My opinion was that Susu cannot live like that and we must put an end to her misery, we should take her to the vet and let him relieve her. But Susu was your favorite cat, you couldn’t stand the thought to lose her. You said no, you will take care of the beloved feline. To tell you the truth my friend, I didn’t expect that Susu will live on. She was hardly dragging herself on the ground in a heartbreaking way. Once a playful, naughty chicken thief became this helpless crippled creature.

You prepared a special bed for the cat. Susu used to go over herself, and I remember you giving her a warm bath every week. You placed the feline in a shallow washtub and gently rub her damaged back and legs with some soap, then rinse and dry with a soft towel with all the kindness you could afford. We fed her and tried to give her all the affection in our hearts. I thought her situation was hopeless.

One day, we were in our small backyard talking to Susu and patting on her soft head. Then we saw a sheer miracle. Susu was very pleasant that she moved her tows! She slightly contracted her paw. Our eyes were filled with tears. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, life found a way, only when all hope disappeared.

Over time, Susu was able to walk again. She was able to climb trees, jump over the roof and steal chicken again. I realized that I was wrong, and you were way better than me.

That was many years ago, and this is one of the brightest memories I have about you and your affection and kindness. I pray that the mercy you showed once to Susu is shown to you today in this hard time on us all. I call upon the mighty great kitty spirit to shepherd you in the darkest and dangerous places. I pray that you will never give up hope, as you always did. I will never give up hope too, I never did since that day.

About Hummingbird

Feels strange when I talk about myself. It is just me.
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3 Responses to Hope for The Kitty

  1. Bayan Byno says:

    flash backs and tearful eyes while reading this ; may god have mercy on you walaa.

  2. Rebecca says:

    This is beautiful. I love your writing. 🙂

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