When Death Celebrates Christmas in Syria

Death is celebrating all occasions in Syria. You see, death does not differentiate between sects, social status or age. A Muslim is like a Christian, a Kurdish is like an Arab, a child is like an adult. All in Syria should share the festive occasions of death and mayhem.

So yesterday, death decided to distribute presents on Syrians in Aleppo. So he sent his helpers (Bashar ASSad loyalists) to distribute his gifts equally. A TNT barrel filled with scrap, old metal junk, rusty broken plows, plastic garbage, anything you can think of, all is filled in a barrel which is any empty round large metal container, mixed with TNT. When a barrel explodes there will be presents for all. This exclusive invention to ASSad troops is useful to breakdown expenses and kill in the cheapest way possible. About 13 barrels were dropped as gifts on civilian areas in Aleppo city.

Only when death wants to spread the season’s joy in Syria.


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