Under the Same Sky – World Pulse

As Hummingbird witnessed death and destruction in her homeland of Syria, on the other side of the world her friend and mentor Sarah was mourning the loss of her family members. In each other, they have found healing and a way forward.

Read the article of friendship, sisterhood and healing I wrote with my mentor and friend Sarah here: Under the Same Sky

About Hummingbird

Feels strange when I talk about myself. It is just me.
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2 Responses to Under the Same Sky – World Pulse

  1. As always, I read….and feel the warmth of a faraway sisterhood. I may not always comment, as I struggle to express my feelings to the cruelty of the world, your world. My thoughts come from a place of compassion, yes…but also from a place of inexperience. I have not lived a life of violence and cruelty, I only witness it through the eyes of others such as yourself.
    This is my connection, which causes me physical pain. I become angry and anger is my energizing force of action.
    I am a student of life, and you are one of my teachers. I am inspired by your story of connection with Sarah. Friendship and family. Is there anything more important that this? I think not.
    Blessings to you, dear far-away friend!
    With love and respect,
    Kim/Spark 540°

    • Hummingbird says:

      I never thought myself as a teacher. I always believed that we are in a lifelong learning process. Thank you for your kind words and support my dear friend. Your work with your teens is making our world a better place. I am very lucky.

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