Christmas in Syria 2013


Sometimes I feel there are no words to say at all. What else can I say after 3 years of death and mayhem, physically and psychologically. 3 years of lies, falling values and games. That is why I try to call aid from my memory, and from the work and resistance of thousands of Syrians inside and outside Syria. My love ones who are fighting in the dark for a glimpse of light.

It is Christmas morning, and all I can hear in my ears is part of a song for the Arab singer icon Fairouz. The song is a poem written by one of the most important modern Lebanese poets Said Akl. The part of the song goes like this:

The Child in the cave and his mother Mary

Are Crying

For the displaced

For children without homes

For those who defended and martyred by the entrances

And peace was martyred in the land of peace

And justice fell down by the gates


Love withdrew from the world’s heart, replaced by war

The Child in the cave and his mother Mary

Are Crying

And I am praying


Still, The children of Syria always find time for joy whenever they can.

About Hummingbird

Feels strange when I talk about myself. It is just me.
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One Response to Christmas in Syria 2013

  1. ICURPNT2 says:

    The Children have had enough. The World has had enough. Only Demons do not know when enough is enough. Keep your faith in God, He knows!

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