Al-Mouadamya, Yarmouk Camp, and Al-Hajar Al-Aswad are now “Disastrous Areas”


A picture of the child “Ibrahim Khalil” who starved to death in the city of Al-Mouadamya 31-8-2013 due to under nutrition


The International committee of the Red Cross must take action immediately and assume its responsibilities.

The Violation Documentation Center (VDC) in Syria has received many calls for urgent help from inside the city of al-mouadamya in Damascus suburbs, and also from Al-Hajar Al-Aswad, and Yarmouk Camp areas in Damascus.

Dozens of residents confirmed that the humanitarian situation is frighteningly deteriorating in the above mentioned areas, which have been under siege from governmental forces for several months. Thousands of civilians are now facing the threat of a true humanitarian disaster due to extreme shortage of food, medical, and aid supplies, not to mention daily shelling with various kinds of weapons.

Many locals and activists in Al-Mouadamya city, which has been completely besieged since 1-3-2013 (and partially besieged since December 2012), have been pleading for urgent help to save civilians from a certain death. Many children starved to death due to lack of nutrition, which was the result of Syrian Governmental forces preventing the entry of any food or medical supplies to the city, especially flour and other basic materials, in addition to medication and medical equipment that are necessary to treat the victims of the daily indiscriminate shelling on civilian populated areas by Syrian government forces.

Al-Hajar Al-Aswad, and Yarmouk Camp areas were completely closed on Ramadan the 5th, 14-07-2013. This coincided with a blockade of the entire southern Damascus region. All entrances and exits of the Yarmouk Camp were closed, all food supplies have run out, and the Camp area has been declared as a food-free zone by its locals. The population of more than 30,000 is now at a risk of starvation. Dozens of people suffering malnutrition have sought medical attention at the local medical points, and most of the patients were women and infants, as the malnourished mothers were no longer able to produce breast milk to feed their babies. Meanwhile the continuous shelling of these areas is still taking lives of civilians and children every day.

.     The VDC in Syria calls for an immediate intervention by all aid, humanitarian organizations, and UN agencies to open “safe corridors”. This intervention would save thousands of lives that are really close to death. In addition, the VDC condemns the inhumane systematic siege of these regions which has been ongoing for several months.



Read from source and how to communicate with  The Violation Documentation Center (VDC) in Syria

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