O Douma


I spent a great share of my childhood in a city called Douma, located in Damascus Countryside – Syria. Douma is the capital of the Damascene countryside, some history resources report that the city existed in the Aramaic civilization and its original name was Touma. The city’s symbol is grapes which is one of its famous fruits. Because it is a rural area, the city follow a more traditional social system than Damascus. Most of Doumani people are good hearted farmers.

There is a trace of me in Douma that is weeping endlessly. The city paid a huge price for supporting the Syrian revolution, and still. Yesterday, the criminal pilots of ASSad regime shelled the city mercilessly as the ruling monster only carry the notion of: Killing for fun and for just killing. One of the tactics of these criminals is carry out an air strike on a certain area, fly away for several minutes so the people gather in the disaster spot to save the injured and remove their dead, turn back again and strike the rescuers! Is there any more vile act?

We now truly believe that the International Community is willingly allowing ASSad and his Russian and Iranian supporters to carry on with their genocide in Syria, under the nose of a silent world and media that report the Syrian tragedy as a subject for entertainment. We will not abide to others’ dictations of peace with disregard of the people’s demand. Never.

Photos from the strike on Douma yesterday. My childhood’s soul weeps endlessly.


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