A story of siege and 60 men. #Homs #Syria


Let me tell you a story. A true story. The date? 09/01/14..the place? A city called Homs in a country called Syria.

In this picture? Are men we knew and didn’t know. What’s the story?

Did you know there are several neighbourhoods in Homs under siege for over 2 years? What were these areas like before?

They actually held the most beautiful of history. These areas all rose and protested beautiful large protests, who led them? The likes of Saroot – the David Beckham of the city. An actress who left her wonderful life and headed to these areas to protest against the regime. Kids and women and men in their thousands.

What happened? The regime shot and shot and shot but despite the death the people didn’t stop. Soldiers defected and young men joined the soldiers to protect the protests. But it got worse. The regime started bombing the…

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