Kudos to Homs

Civilians carry their belongings as they walk towards a meeting point to be evacuated from a besieged area of Homs

This article was originally written in Arabic by one of my favorite writers Elias Khoury. Find the original article published in Al Quds Newspaper here:  



What is this agreement that meant to take out some civilians from the Old neighborhoods of Homs?

The images coming from the city show what is more than a scandal on the ethical level by allowing men ages more than 55 to get out, at the same time the trap of death and genocide continues.

Food aid to the besieged city may or may not be delivered? No one knows. Ceasefire may or may not be sustained? No one can guarantee anything. Taking out elders, women and children, may or may not continue.

The most outrageous scandal and villainy, is in the “random” gathered groups of Shabiha in Ikrimah and Nuzha neighborhoods in the city to stop any aid and relief get inside the city.

The story is planted with land-mines, as if life became a ball rolled between legs while turning people into wreck.

I can’t comment on such agreement, is this the harvest of Geneva2? is this the limit of support that the world can give to the Syrians who are living their calamity silently?

The story has one title: killing humans and annihilating them. Syria is no more a war zone imposed by the regime to destroy the revolution, it became a place for genocide. The journey of tyranny from killing peaceful protestors, to chemical weapons, to barrel bombs, has one name which is genocide. Junior Assad is now over the project to destroy Syria, something he waved with at the beginning of the revolution. Now he moved to the project of cleansing and massacre with all what it means. What we are seeing in Homs and Aleppo is the practical execution of this project.

Genocide is the other name of barbarity, turning the self into a savage during the process of dehumanizing those who are massacred. A ring without laws nor morals. A ring where values are erased absolutely, killing became the mean and the aim at the same time.

Never in the modern time Arabs have experienced something like this, we are in front of a neo-Mongolian age that is based on a tyrant regime built to resemble the North Korean one: the trilogy of family, intelligence and mafia, succeeded in establishing a ruling dynasty, its milestone is turning people into slaves.

Slavery is a system that turns people into nothing. Their lives and their deaths are the same thing. They must accept the nothingness so they won’t be among the dead. This regime is based on ultimate slavery, there is no free class that exploits the slaves as it was the case in Romans times. All people are slaves from the top of the pyramid to the bottom, there is no space for any discussion inside this regime. And when any voice rises, it will quickly fades or disappears, because this regime only endures one master that belongs to the family that owns everything.

Syria only resembles North Korea. A nation of slaves that should not stop thanking their masters and not stop glorifying them. If a slave raised his voice or became a rebel, his fate is crucifixion, burn and extermination.

Assad family succeeded in turning the political slogans into a mop, and language into gibberish. The dictionary of resistance and reluctance (for palestine) that Syria borrowed from Iranian Mullahs, couldn’t spare Assads from its idiot language. Most probably it killed the language of its Islamist Iranian counterparts making these words part of a sectarian dictionary that is always used to dehumanizing and killing the societies in the levant.

The phenomenon of Koreanism (North Korea) dragged the attention of Syrian director Omar Amiralay in his movie “Flood in Baath Country” but it remained a passing note that the Western Orientalist experts did not pay attention to as they are currently enjoying the scene of the bloodbath in Syria, and they are enjoying the silence hole that is surrounding the Syrian tragedy.  Till now I only described silence. Can we describe silence with other than silence?

Syrians are not just facing their own deaths, they are facing the walls of silence surrounding them. They are the treason of language, as Faraj Bairaqdar wrote once from his hell in Tadmur prison, the treason of language is threatened to turn into the treason of silence.

The question is: How do we break the silence imposed on the Syrians? How do we regain language in a world that is not interested anymore with the values of human rights?

The issue is not quite like that, it is not true that the West is not interested anymore with Human Rights and its dignity, but it is not interested in it here, in our countries, or maybe it does not care. This is the issue, the West took us out of the spot light and regained its old assumptions about our barbarity, and today it is dealing with our death as a virtual event buzzing in social media, as if it is a long movie of harsh joy.

Is it true that we were taken out from the nations’ family and we were thrown on the sidewalks of the bloody history? Or we are victims of an international struggle that does not care about our fate?

As for Syria, the tragedy of its ruin continue because it is a cross-point between two helpless empires that turned it into a death lab.

The question here is not dedicated to anyone, it is our question. And we need to reinvent the language of citizenship and rights before our language disappears and our souls vanish.

Therefore, Homs persists.

The city of black stones and white hearts, the city that mocked the Mongols and Tamerlane, will always be a symbol waiting for us to regain our ability to form symbols,  and dignity waiting for us to regain our dignified language from the swamp of hunger, fear and death.

Kudos to Homs.

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