Geneva2 was Born Dead


Lakhdar Ibrahimi, Arab League-United Nations Middleman on Syria, apologized to Syrians for reaching a deadlock in the negotiations between the Syrian regime and opposition took place in Montreux – Switzerland. Did we Syrians expected otherwise? No. Did we carried a faint and almost impossible hope to see it succeed? No doubt.

Geneva’s agenda carried on while the second largest city in Aleppo faced the most savage barrel bombs attack by the Syrian regime, and as Yarmouk Camp for Palestinian Refugees in Damascus, and other areas, are starved to death. About third of Syrians are refugees and displaced. Gruesome pictures circulated by media of thousands of detainees tortured and starved to death in Nazi style in one area only. Meanwhile, Assad regime with the help of a number of international humanitarian parties threw some crumbs in the starved areas in Homs to give the rest of the world the illusion that Geneva is working.

The meeting parties in Geneva were not just the Syrian regime and the opposition, news came that it was a meeting table for all disputing parties having hands in Syria, not as supervisors, but they had the pleasure to talk about interests and demands in this small Mediterranean country. Iran was excluded from participation after UN Secretary-General announced it will be part of it, but then it was excluded as part of Geneva talks after members of opposition and who supported them opposed the invitation of Iran as the latter announced its refusal to discuss the articles of Geneva1. The agenda of Geneva2 was supposed to be based on the decisions of Geneva1, however, the Syrian regime insisted on discussing terrorism instead of forming a transitional government. In my opinion, discussing terrorism also requires to discuss the state terrorism practiced by Assad regime.

It is not about Syrians’ demands of democracy and dignity anymore, it is not about extremists supporting Assad like Hezbollah extremists, nor ISIS terrorists that are currently fighting against Syrian rebels and killing innocent civilians to span its authority on the territories out of Syrian regime’s control. News were circling that the Russians won’t stop supporting Assad till its interests are secured in Syria. Ironically, including the loans Syria owe Russia like payments for the weapons that Russia provided to Syrian regime to kill its people in the past three years.

The Syrian brutal war of the regime on its people have reached an insoluble point. Palestinian – Syrian opponent Salameh Kileh, wrote that the solution is still far as both parties in Syria have no alternatives for the free economy and liberal policies that led to impoverish, marginalization and unemployment of Syrians. He added that what is happening locally in Syria is the reproduction of the ruling class, meaning an economy controlled by few monopolizing figures. On the international level, the destruction pours into the interest of the Russians that is gaining monopoly over the Syrian market. Here, I must add that Iran sees its battle in Syria is a survival battle and it cannot loose it. As long as certain countries sees Syria as a spoil of war that cannot be lost, without any consideration of the people’s interests and demands, Geneva will always be born dead.

No solution whatsoever supporting a transitional government can be tolerated by the Syrian ruling junta, any shift no matter how small it is in the structure of the Syrian regime will lead to a huge change in Syria as the regime is hanged by the thread of savage enslavement of the people. Many opinions see Geneva talks have represented a mean to manage the crisis, in other words the continuation of the tragedy.

Geneva is a flagrant example how the Syrian war became a proxy war, and the solution will not be reached till the international parties reach some sort of a settlement. Meanwhile, innocent Syrians are paying the price. Geneva also shed a light on the attractions of politics in the world today, and how it seems that a new contract needed to be set in our changing world especially concerning states interventions in each other affairs with disregard of the destruction of both the country that is intervened in and the collective soul of humanity.

Geneva 1 is the road map for Syria, a transitional government with full authorities, a new constitution and elections, and stopping the genocide. Other options will be a waste of time, and with it, souls.

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