If Assad Goes, Al Qaeda Goes

مدونة الدكتور سمير التقي

Dr Samir Al Taqi

David Ignatius wrote in his Washington Post column of December 2nd that ousting Syrian President Bashar Al Assad may be only the beginning of a serious effort to confront Al Qaeda in Syria. I cannot agree more. Naturally, Assad cannot disagree more. But who is getting it right in this simple equation?

The main point that rises from the two conflicting views is this: Al Qaeda in Syria, and its reemergence in Iraq, has reached an extremely alarming level. Therefore, it must be confronted. But who are the forces that can counter those radicals?

The simple answer is that the Sunni majority in Syria is the only possible force which can adequately confront and break Al Qaeda. An anti-fundamentalist position taken by the majority of Syrian Sunnis will bring double defeat to Al Qaeda. First, a Sunni offensive will deprive Al Qaeda of any control of…

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