Eulogy For The Boy Who Looks Like Sunshine

Bursting Sun  Cianelli Studios blog

Bursting Sun
Cianelli Studios blog

Yes I heard just today, though there was a faint wishful hope to see you free, but you were gone long time ago, since they put their filthy hands on you.

Yes, I remember you, and I can’t imagine the horrors you have been through, can’t imagine your agony and your solitude in the abyss of a lurking detention center that forever swallows everyone gets in. And I am sorry for the hopelessness and the prayers that we only had, I am sorry sunshine.

I remember the funny redhead young man that I played a Backgammon game with in a breezy and a warm day in Spring, the one who were anxious as I won the first time I played it, you just wanted to keep on playing till you have a revenge winning, but it didn’t happen. The funny young man who we used to call Ron as we thought that you looked like Ron Weasley, Harry Potter’s friend. But in this virtual reality, you didn’t have a magic wand to stop the dark powers from harming you, no one had.

The honorary student in the college of chemistry, you were one of the smartest, even your professors kept you by their side to help them. You had your own researches, you made your own experiments, your thirst for knowledge was infinite.

Another good soul was vanquished by this immense evil wandering in our lives, this evil that is refusing to leave us be.

Rest in peace dear Gafour, you sweet sunshine. You will always be remembered.



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