Gilbert Achcar: Syria and the Arab Uprising

It was a terrible elusion to think that things in Syria might unfold like Tunisia and Egypt.
You can’t take down the Syrian regime by peaceful means.
The worse scenario is the continuation of the regime because it will fuel the Islamic Fundamentalism.
Syrian regime released Jihadists from its prisons because they are the preferred enemy of the regime to frighten minorities, the regime is very happy for the propaganda it gets and it is using all outlets.
If the regime remains, it will lead to a huge massacre to exterminate any root of the opposition.
Western Left believes now that the struggle in Syria is between secular regime and fascist terrorists.
Arab regimes used Islam to compensate their lack of ideological legitimacy, they thought that they could use Islam as an ideological counterweight to any progressive protest against their social economic neoliberal policy.
Bashar Assad allowed massive intervention by Hezbollah, Iraqi militants and Iran.

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