The war children of Syria: our reluctant heroes


I am calling these children whom you are going to see below our unknown reluctant heroes for the ordeals they have been through surpass the imagination. They have undergone the ordeals of fire, hunger, terrible injuries, amputated limbs, the loss of parents and families, homelessness, sleeping rough on the streets, having to survive on picking rubbish not to mention  exploitation and abuse and having to do hard menial dangerous jobs to survive. On top of all of that many  were exposed to torture, rape and sexual abuse. The  pictures below are of children who have survived but for how long if we do not try to help them? I have run out of words. Please make these children your cause. They are the responsibility of all of us. 

About the images

My main purpose in showing these images is not to shock, but to enlist help. There are thousands of…

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One Response to The war children of Syria: our reluctant heroes

  1. tweenpowerment says:

    Unbearably sad. Grotesquely unjust. How I wish I could hold each of these children. Sweet, innocent souls.

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