The Forgotten in Syria

I did not write about Syria for a while, and I am angry and sad because I let my despair and helplessness crawl inside my energy. It is out of my ability to contain it as I see all this apathy toward our just cause; but out there beautiful Syrians are still defying the odds, and I must try to hold on with them. Tyranny wants us to give up and move on, and we must refuse to move on without our beloved ones in prisons.

Until this moment, hundreds of thousands of Syrians detained in Assad prisons, and now there are ugly extremists’ prisons. Both we want to get rid of; both do not represent us, or our way of life. Innocent lovely souls taken from streets, homes, work, schools and hospitals. Syrians from all walks of life now struggle against the cold dark dungeons, and we want them back, each and every one of them, we want them free.

It seems that no one is talking about the detainees in Syria; they are a forgotten cause as Syrians deaths turned into a justified case of “civil war” and mere numbers.

It is this picture that urged me to write about it, a picture of father and son, both taken by Assad thugs as they were trying to move from one area to another through one of the regime’s barricades spread everywhere in my bleeding country. No one heard of them since, many families never hear of their love ones after their arrest. If the families are lucky, then after months their beloved son or daughter will show up in a regular detention center.


Osama Gazwan Al Turjman and his 2,5 year old son said to be taken by Assad thugs last April. Their fate is not known yet.

Few days ago, I finally saw the face of Alma in a video report, a known Syrian activist was arrested by Assad thugs then raped in prison. Alma talked about her heartbreaking. Another woman in the report said that she witnessed the rape of a 13-year-old girl. Alma is paralyzed after severe torture, and now she is receiving treatment in Jordan. The following is a report about Alma in Arabic.

Not long time ago, thousands of pictures reached world media of detainees emaciated and tortured to death; the number of these poor souls estimated by 11 thousand, and those we know about. Despite the international outrage, no action was taken.

We need to do more for them, this is an urgent cause, and it must not let to time as it turns into oblivion. Freedom for them all, freedom for us all.


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4 Responses to The Forgotten in Syria

  1. I am afraid I heard Alma died about a month ago.

    • Hummingbird says:

      I heard that too, but I am not sure. She was told to remain silent, I don’t know why it sounded to me as a fake news, and I didn’t learn anything afterwards.

  2. It is very sad. We have been hearing a lot of confusing news.
    And please, keep humming, Nisan.

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