The DShk Challenge

From Inside: A Diary of Syria

My Bird Photo by Hamza Aljouja
Click on the image to view a slideshow of photographes by Hamza Aljouja

Only at 19, Hamza became one of the leaders of the nonviolent demonstrations in al-Qosour neighbourhood in Homs. Yet, everything was about to change for him in February 2012, when the neighbourhood started turning into a battlefield between Syrian regime’s forces and Syrian opposition fighters.

Hamza had completed his secondary school education a year before that, but he could not take on his university education because he started participating in the Syrian peaceful revolution at the time. The fights, which forced one of his friends to leave the city that year, turned him into a fighter. However, his friend had left behind a camera, which the young man will always carry alongside his weapon.

“I am not a professional photographer, I am an amateur”, says Hamza, “I just film the events that…

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