Our Victory is Measured by the Souls We Save and Not the Souls We Kill

Political analyses on Kurdistan

Article victory measured by  the souls we save PIC

The Protection Unit Forces (YPG) were created by Kurdish youth; civilians and warriors who split from PKK.  It became necessary to build a group in the mess of Syria’s civil war to protect the Kurdish and other minorities within the Kurdish area of Syria known as Rojava.  The creation of YPG was encouraged by Abdullah Ocalan’s philosophy that promotes the idea that every minority should work and build themselves from within, in the huge umbrella of society.

For two years now, YPG has received international recognition for having been in open war against ISIS and Al-Nusra, a militia that stemmed from Al-Qaida, as well as other radical groups.  The heaviest clashes took place on July 16th 2013 in Sere-Kanye, where and when ISIS started to impose Islamic Sharia on Kurdish areas and this was refused by YPG and other minorities.

The battle is still ongoing beyond the borders of…

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