A Dream

I saw a recent picture of you yesterday, and you looked very much like the person we all pledged once that we will never become: Our mother.

I wept, and the stream of my tears took me somewhere else.

I was taken to a huge white place, all walls white, all doors white, all hopes white. You were inhabiting my dream, I sensed your strong presence, and your spiritual trace guided me to the room you were sleeping in. I knocked the door the first day, no answer, you were calmly sleeping. I knocked the door the second day, no answer, you were peacefully sleeping. I knocked the door the third day, the door opened and you shined through. We hugged deeply and then we joined our family for a good meal and a talk. All the time, my eyes were searching and locating your place, I was afraid that I might lose you again.

Then, morning sunlight wiped out this entire dream that I wanted so bad to be my reality.


Celestial Journey – Fantasy World of Josephine Wall

About Hummingbird

Feels strange when I talk about myself. It is just me.
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