Leeches Of The Syrian Revolution


About the Syrian uprising, I always said: The Revolution revealed many nobel angels but more dirty opportunists.

What the Syrian situation revealed was the depths of humans’ nature. When the uprising started, I took a side, and I believe in taking sides which is something I learnt during the course of events of the Syrian uprising. Plus, it is in my nature to take the stand of the weak and oppressed. I am a victim of authority myself and will never support it after I self freed me, it is my duty to show the way for those willing to self free themselves.

Some took the side of the oppressor, and this stand I can also fathom. But the pathetic ones are those who claimed that they support the people’s aspirations (in particular those working in media) so they can gain fame and money. The opportunists who traded with people tragedies and wounds, those who held a rotten heart to climb up the stinking ladder. I met many, and they don’t even have the decency to hide their ugly faces before my awaken sensibility. Just few days ago, one opportunist who used to claim of being part of the revolution to gain popularity and please others, was telling me that it is over and we should shut up and go back to your homes, and we are not worthy of freedom! Those words were said just like that, cold blooded, from a suspected person who saw the ordeal of Syrians as an entertainment material for personal progress, and the goal was achieved. This came from a person wearing a brand and have reached a high position with untalented means, only by riding the back of Syria’s agony, sucking the spelled blood of the people. I raised my eyebrow and walked away because I was this close to scream. They gave us a bad image and hijacked the representation of the people just to find a better opportunity.

Yes, these people are many, and sometimes I feel their numbers might be far more than those who are sincerely working to make things a little bit better. Maybe their evil voices are louder.

So many leeches feasting on the Syrian body at a time many lost everything to find a way to change.

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Feels strange when I talk about myself. It is just me.
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