#ISIS. #Assad. Criminals? Both. Not one. Need to let some steam off. #Syria



Kenji wasn’t remembered or his killing condemned or his photo plastered in every British neespaper or his mother or wife shown crying .. As the Jordanian pilot was.

Let’s break it down to see why.

Both were horrible crimes and ISIS are exactly like the Assad regime, their tactics are identical and horrifying.

But the Jordanian pilot was in a plane involved in bombing Syria, not only ISIS. He was also bombing the North of Syria that led to 52 civilians: children, women and men being burnt under rubble.

Japanese Kenji on the other hand met many of my friends, he was a humanitarian and caring journalist. He taught them how to survive, he helped them expose Assad crimes and he worked with the children to make them happy in the war.

ISIS killed both.

The one who was in Syria helping civilians was rejected and ignored despite the video…

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