“I’m Afraid, Don’t Let Them Take Me,” 2935 Said

You probably heard of Caesar’s case, the man who used to work as a photographer with the Syrian Military Police. He took 55,000 pictures for 11,000 detainees tortured to death in Syrian regime’s detention centers. The victims bodies dumbed in Mezzeh Hospital 601. Among the victims there were children, Christians, and even supporters of the regime. One picture emerged belong to a woman among the tortured and emaciated corpses.


Rehab Allawi

Her identity was revealed, 24 years old Rihab Allawi, or body No. 2935, used to study civil engineering, was taken from her house on 16/01/2013. Her family didn’t hear anything about her till Caesar’s pictures emerged. One girl was with Rihab in the same cell said that Syrian regime intelligence came and took Rihab at 12am from the cell, her last words were: “I’m afraid, don’t let them take me.”

A number of Syrians reacted by writing numbers on their foreheads and taking pictures in a campaign called: Syrians are not numbers.


Syrian activist in support of tortured to death detainees in Assad prisons


The issue of detainees is one of the most persistent matters to be solved in Syria, and the most neglected by the International Community. The Syrian government and armed extremists must reveal the detainees identities, numbers and situations.


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