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When I was reading Kafka On The Shore novel, I came across a piece of music by my beloved Japanese group Mono, it was called: A Dream Odyssey, and I thought that if the novel was a tone, then Dream Odyssey got to be it.

I believe that everything has its own smell even the abstract, as I believe that everything has its own music, especially words. The Cloud Atlas Sextet played in my head every time I opened the novel to continue reading it. When I read Samarqand by Amin Maalouf, I heard Thafer Youssef singing, and recently when I read Azazeel by Youssef Zeidan I felt its best tone was silence of the monks, silence is also music. When I read for feminist writers I like to listen to Open by Rhey, or Lebanese pop singer singer Tania Saleh.

There is something in the voice of iconic Arab…

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