On Being An Almost

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On being an almost

They say you are an almost, nearly, an approximate and close but not quite. They say your best is not enough. We got the best they say, but you are not sufficient enough. You are feeling like a miracle but with no believers. You are just too weird, too extreme, too wild, too aware and not neural.

Being an almost is harder than being called a loser, at least a loser owns a certain identity and definition. But what is an Almost? Someone has it but not according to what this world want. No definition and no identity. An Almost is someone good enough, but with suspected loyalty, follows different methods and prone to be violently independent.

What is to be a nearly? I would prefer to get a No for an answer than getting: You were close. At least a No has more powerful kick than getting a not…

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Feels strange when I talk about myself. It is just me.
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