Starvation War and Another Star Extinguished by ISIS



The Starvation of Madaya

Again, the tactic of starvation is used in Syria. The city of Madaya is besieged is starved to death now by Assad puppet regime and its allies. Again the world is silent, and again the crimes against humanity is immune, the political game in Syria has so much powerful impunity that we were introduced to unimaginable barbarity and brutality.

People in the city of Madaya are starved to kneel. Syrians in Madaya are walking skeletons, eating cats, dogs and other animals, eating tree leaves, and having water and dried mint soup!

Do I dare to call for justice anymore? Do I dare to demand holding those responsible for such crimes accountable? Or the game requires in Syria inhuman measures to be set? Is it too late now after many major states on earth are taking a part in the death machine?

Calling upon humanitarian organisations to take aid and food to Madaya as soon as possible. We will always shout for justice from the deepest corners in our throats.



The Assassination of Nissan Ibrahim


Nissan Ibrahim

She was the first woman civil journalist to document ISIS crimes in the city of Raqqah-Syria, and she was assassinated by ISIS for exposing their horrid actions and twisted ideology. She did it while taking a fake name “Nissan” which is also my first name.

This brave young woman held a degree in philosophy. She devoted herself to the values she believed in, and to shatter ISIS stands and values in the areas where the terrorist group occupy in Syria. ISIS is a plague tearing up communities apart with sick hatred and criminal dogma.

We lost many courageous men and women in this war who died for their beliefs and visions of a better future. We write about them so words would preserve their flame among us.

Rest in peace Nissan.

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