One Peaceful Village is Attacked Again

For two days now I am getting news that my village Basofan again, located on Lelun Mountain near Afrin in Aleppo countryside, is being shelled by rebel groups. This peaceful place was never part of the war took place in Syria, most of its residents are Kurdish Yazidis, few remained in the village as the majority chose to leave to Germany including many of my family members.

The village is located in a historic area, and attacking it with mortars just to destroy its empty houses and kill the elders remained there with their animals, is outrageous and mad.

It seems that the brotherhood with our fellow citizens was destroyed and relinquished by sectarian minds, and by hearts made ill by illusions of power.

I don’t understand why we Kurds are excluded from being one pillar of the formation of Syria’s future. We wanted to fight together, we wanted to stand beside each other, a dream undermined by blind hatred.

It breaks my heart as an activist and a human to see what hatred is doing to us.

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