Is Burning Aleppo A Reaction To The Failing Geneva Talks?


Man covered in dust after an airstrike by Assad regime and its allies – Aleppo

Aleppo – once more than five million people lived in it, now no more than 1 million –  is witnessing a savage attacks by Assad regime, number of people killed estimated by 200, not mentioning the injured and missing under rubble. A Doctors Without Borders hospital was attacked and the last paediatrician was killed. Even the people who chose to stay in their homes, or those who wanted to stay to help the remaining people are targeted. I don’t know, is this an for evacuating an entire country?


I seriously lost track of what all these parties involved in Syria want! Everyday I read countless analyses and conversations, and yet no tangible reasonable or logic actions are decided or taken. Nothing is clear but the absurdity of the work of international institutions. If the Russians want to demonstrate power, then all what we see is barbarity, if Iranians seek interests, all what we see is cold blooded crimes, if Assad wants to stay as the head of the country..what country? A mass of rubble, corpses, burnt houses and mushrooming armed militias. If Saudis want an upper hand, why aren’t they play a clever role than just pumping money here and there, they should support people rather than their loyal armed fractions in Syria. All what Turkey wants is keeping Kurds under control. Everyone lost any sense of direction. The burning of Aleppo came after the trembling of Geneva talks and promises that UN will deal with it if nothing came out of it.

Civilians, hospitals, homes, schools, markets and bakeries, all turned into objects for a scorched land policy if one party did not get what it want! Is this what diplomacy about, using the innocent for political purposes!

Many humanitarian and media institutions have lost their integrity to point at the criminals who are lingering this atrocity. We do need to stop and contemplate in such a world we live in, no one will be spared from such mentality.

My throat was ripped off, I can hardly scream.

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