The Problem of Assad Crimes Apologists

One of my friends posted in his Facebook page news about the latest Assad atrocities; the post was about the bombardment of a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Aleppo. One of the responses first came as a denial to the entire episode and an accusation to media for reversing facts. However, when evidences became clear that Assad-Russian warplanes did target the hospital, the person who tried to negate the news moved into another wave: If Assad is gone, then who will protect us from terrorism?

I believe when someone wants to be protected from a terrorist criminal then the destination is an entity that applies law, not another criminal or a totalitarian regime that uses terrorism for gains.

Regardless of the identity of this person, but his opinion is a conversation that we read in many mainstream and social media pages. Such opinion doesn’t come from a logical thinking, it comes from irrational and impulsive attitude toward a nation that suffered too long from the evils of a dictatorship, a nation that is now torn apart by the iron bloody hand of tyranny, and led to a horrible agony that will last for generations. One might think that witnessing such crimes, we expect that a normal human being in a globalized world will scream: No more, rid us of such evil. Some want such evil to endure, not because it will fight terrorism, but it will rid them the headache of thinking about the pains of others, will grant them relief from worrying. These careless people might claim that they don’t want to add troubles to their daily struggles, yes the threshold of stamina varies from one person to another and it is understood when one has too much to worry about in life, but in this case a silent stand by a tired person is better than directing anger and hatred toward innocents share the same daily life worries with others in the world, and daily worries for their own lives. Most people who blabber in such manner are not even Syrians. They are practicing a democracy of imposing a regime on other nations, and when a Syrian, like the writer of this blog, tries to have a conversation with these people, they always draw their most beloved weapons: media they themselves always accused of distorting the truth!

Every crime in Syria is turned into a political ceremony, what we are trying to do is to clear the “political debate” away from humanitarian issues. It seems that Assad apologists cannot handle the separation between what is political and what is humanitarian. But it also seems to me that our world is turning into more unjust place by measuring humanitarian values with political or economic scales. If continued, then this growing habit will deprive us from hope in restoring our dignity and bringing criminals to justice. The likes of Assad crimes apologists are the vanguards of such world.


In solidarity with all nations fighting for their dignity.

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