Sulaima: A Syrian Woman Activism in The Face of Sociopolitical Adversity

Estayqazat استيقظَت Youtube channel.


Sulaima, an animation short movie telling the story of choices taken by a Syrian wife and mother. This animated documentary presents a real-life testimony of a Syrian middle aged woman living in Damascus suburbs, who took the hard path of activism in a country where women are deliberately targeted and humiliated to silence the collective voice and keep society obedient.

This movie created by Syrian filmmaker Jalal Maghout, shows that the activism of women was against all layers of the patriarchal system dominating the Syrian society. The shift of awareness in the minds of many Syrian women created a level of rare courage and solid determination to rip off all the veils forced over them, forcing their feminine identities to be considered.

In the course of the Syrian changing tragedy, from the uprising to genocide, to civil war ending with a state of collective suicide, proxy war and massive displacement, the voice of Syrian women was a parameter for the shape and velocity of every stage in the Syrian ordeal.

You can watch the touching movie here.

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