A Glimpse of Smuggled Joy to Syrian Children in Aleppo


Photo Credit: Rami Adham. The Telegraph.

He might be seen carrying a huge black bag filled with unknown stuff and crossing the borders, seems suspicious maybe! Joy and smiles is smuggled inside the bag, teddy bears and unicorns.

Rami Adham, a Finnish-Syrian man makes a trip every two months from Finland to Syria, carrying toys to the besieged Syrian children in Aleppo. But even toys are not easy to smuggle, he said that in June 2016, he walked 8 miles carrying a bag of toys through the Syrian borders because it was too dangerous to take a car as Syrian warplanes were targeting the surroundings of Aleppo. Sometimes the toys he brings for some children remain childless due to displacement or death.


Rami Adham

Mr Rami said that he started bringing toys after one time when he was in a humanitarian mission to deliver food, he had a bag of toys and when he opened it children gathered around him laughing and shouting, he realised the effect of toys made on the lives of these children.

It is impressive how some people still carry the spark of joy despite all the carnage and ugliness sweeping Syria. A touch of humanity can imprint in these children’s memories and keep remains of hope in their souls.


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