What Is Winning In Syria?


Image from Wilhelm Reich’s Listen! Little Man.

It seems that the question on who is winning in Syria, is preoccupying media and international affairs these days. But to ask who is winning indicates that there is a human achieving something; gaining an awaited victory. If there is any human face behind this who, it will be only a human skull. In wars, no one wins.

The question about who is winning in Syria is not valid. The real question is: What is winning in Syria? What is gaining momentum in the city of Aleppo, every ruined street at a time? What is turning a deaf ear to the cries and agonies of the tortured? What is perfecting the methods of death? What is sweeping the all symptoms of “unfit being” for the new ideology? The ideology of winning?

Darwinism is winning is Syria. Might is winning. And this is translated into a relief by those who feel that their personal safety is threatened by the outcomes of the war in Syria. They can rest assure now, since the Darwinism way of life is by their side.

As for us who are dreaming of another world, who believed in other interpretations of evolution, are still looking for the mighty flower under barrel bombs rubble. For now, we carry our courage and passion wherever we go.

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