Regarding the Calendar of Syrian Women to Russian Soldiers

Yesterday, Russia Today Arabic page published a short article and a video about Syrian girls studying in Russia posing for a calendar designed to be sent to the Russian soldiers deployed in Syria in their aggression. Regardless of the reasons why these girls posed, and if they were Syrians in the first place, and if this is just a cheap propaganda by the Russian channel, but for me as a woman, I see no difference between this and the actions of extremist women who support and offer their bodies to terrorist groups online and offline. It is the same concept of seeing a woman as a tool serving a purpose, in this case it is the same purpose. The issue here is not what side they are on and what they are wearing. The issue is the use of women bodies to tickle the masculine imagination of a male soldier shelling children every day to encourage him to continue to do so.

The pages include only women, which indicates a disdaining perception of the Syrian society and considering it as a property, and to emasculate the community.

This calendar aims to present girls that seem to belong to a vulnerable certain group in the Syrian society that needs protection, but it came out as an invitation for enslavement especially when it is sent to a military entity.

As a woman and a dignified human I see this outrageous, shameful and unacceptable.

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  1. RS says:

    Syrian humor:

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